Liz Weston Its time to fix Social Securitys tax burden

first_imgPeople on Social Security need a tax break. The rest of us need to make sure they get it — for everyone’s sake.When Congress made Social Security benefits taxable in 1983, lawmakers didn’t index the tax thresholds to inflation. They “forgot” inflation again when adding a second layer of taxation in 1993.That means the proportion of recipients who have to pay federal income taxes on their benefits keeps increasing. Initially, only 1 in 10 Social Security recipients had to pay any federal tax. Now, it’s over half.Not indexing to inflation is a sneaky way of boosting taxes . Lawmakers can count on growing federal revenue without the politically uncomfortable act of repeatedly voting for those increases.The taxes are based on combined income, which is a taxpayer’s adjusted gross income, plus any tax-exempt interest (such as interest on mutual bonds) and half of her Social Security benefit. Based on that:– Single people with combined income over $25,000 a year, or couples with over $32,000 a year, face taxes on up to 50 per cent of Social Security benefits.– Single retirees earning over $34,000 and couples earning over $44,000 may pay taxes on up to 85 per cent of benefits.Because of the way Social Security benefits are taxed, many middle-income retirees face a “tax torpedo,” where their marginal tax rate can more than double. (If you’ll have retirement savings of roughly $200,000 or more, consider talking to a tax professional or financial planner about how and when to claim Social Security benefits to minimize the tax effects.)In many cases, we’re punishing people who saved for retirement. That isn’t fair, and it isn’t smart.So we should demand Congress index Social Security taxation to inflation, right? Based on the 1983 threshold numbers, that would ensure that only singles making over about $64,000 year, and couples making over $82,000 a year, would have to pay taxes on their Social Security income.If only it were that simple.The money collected from these taxes goes to two specific places: the Social Security and Medicare trust funds. Perhaps you’re starting to see the problem.Both trust funds are running short of cash and could be depleted in a few years. That doesn’t mean they’ll be bankrupt. It does mean they won’t be able to pay 100 per cent of promised benefits.Social Security’s retirement trust fund is expected to run dry in 2034, after which it would be able to pay only 75 per cent of the benefits that have been promised. Yanking away what amounts to 4 per cent of its revenue, which is what’s generated by taxing up to 50 per cent of benefits, would just hasten that day.Medicare’s hospital insurance trust fund is in worse shape. The fund, which pays for inpatient hospital visits, skilled nursing, home health care and hospice, is forecast to be depleted in 2026, just a few years from now. The money raised from taxing Social Security benefits makes up 8 per cent of the revenue going into the fund.So fixing the stealth tax will require fixing Social Security and Medicare as well.Proposals to privatize or scrap these systems face strong political opposition. Plus, the proponents can’t guarantee that future generations would be better off. Shoring up the current systems, by contrast, would ensure that today’s workers get the benefits they’ve been promised.That almost certainly means those of us who are still working will pay in one way or another. We could fix the problem virtually overnight by raising the Social Security tax rate by 1.415 per cent to 7.615 per cent and increasing the Medicare tax rate by 0.32 per cent to 1.77 per cent . (Employers would pay an equal amount, since payroll taxes are split between workers and employers.)More likely, tax increases would be phased in over time and combined with other changes, such as raising the full retirement age and lifting or eliminating the current cap on how much of our earnings are taxed. (The current 6.2 per cent Social Security tax applies only to the first $128,700 of annual earnings in 2018, while the 1.45 per cent Medicare tax applies to all earnings.) You can experiment with possible solutions using the American Academy of Actuaries’ Social Security Game .Few of us are excited about paying more taxes, but shoving the burden onto retired people who’ve already paid their dues simply isn’t right. Making the system more fair could benefit all of us, now and in the future._______________________________________This column was provided to The Associated Press by the personal finance website NerdWallet . Liz Weston is a columnist at NerdWallet, a certified financial planner and the author of “Your Credit Score.” Email: . Twitter: @lizweston.Related links:Taxes: NerdWallet Social Security game Weston, The Associated Presslast_img read more

UN envoy calls for political surge to tackle Afghan security aid needs

6 October 2008The top United Nations envoy to Afghanistan today stressed the need for a political “surge” to boost the prospects for peace in the strife-torn nation and to respond to urgent humanitarian concerns such as access for the delivery of vital food aid. The top United Nations envoy to Afghanistan today stressed the need for a political “surge” to boost the prospects for peace in the strife-torn nation and to respond to urgent humanitarian concerns such as access for the delivery of vital food aid. “None of us can deny that there are very serious problems and none of us can deny that the security situation has deteriorated,” Kai Eide, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, told a news conference in the capital, Kabul. At the same time, Mr. Eide warned against pessimism and asserted that there is a strong international commitment to reverse the negative trends in the country. A key element in doing so is to focus on the agenda set by the Government and international partners at a major meeting in Paris in June. The International Conference in Support of Afghanistan, held on 12 June, saw fresh pledges of resources for the country’s rebuilding efforts, as well as the launch of the Government’s five-year plan to reduce poverty and promote economic and social development, known as the Afghan National Development Strategy (ANDS). Mr. Eide pointed to recent progress on the implementation plan for the ANDS, improved work of the Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board, the agreed expansion of the national army, closer scrutiny of aid effectiveness, and the launch of a new anti-corruption agency. “We have made some progress, but we need to accelerate that work,” he stressed. “What we need most of all is a political surge – more political energy.” This is particularly crucial, he noted, to address urgent humanitarian needs, such as food delivery. Some 4.5 million Afghans face possible food shortages during the coming winter months due to a combination of insecurity, drought and high food prices. “We should all, and I repeat all, come together to ensure that food reaches those who need it most,” said Mr. Eide, who is also head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA). “I will take this opportunity to appeal to the Taliban and to appeal to its leaders to ensure access for food distribution and to expand the humanitarian agenda that we should share,” he said. “There are disagreements on so many things – but let us demonstrate that we can share this humanitarian agenda.” In a recent report, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wrote that the deterioration of the security situation has hampered UNAMA in carrying out its efforts, with 90 of the country’s nearly 400 districts identified as areas of extreme risk. Attacks on aid-related targets and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have also become more frequent and more deadly. read more

Under fire Morneau says he plans to put assets in a blind

OTTAWA — Embattled Finance Minister Bill Morneau says he plans to put his substantial personal assets in a blind trust, an effort to tamp down an escalating controversy over conflict of interest allegations that have threatened to undermine the federal Liberal government.Morneau also says he will eventually sell off all of his and his family’s shares in Morneau Shepell, the human resources firm that bears his name.The former businessman has insisted he made sure to disclose all his assets to the federal ethics watchdog when he came into office, and he that he followed her recommendations very carefully to avoid any conflicts of interest.“I perhaps naively thought that following the rules and respecting the recommendations of the ethics commissioner … would be what Canadians would expect,” Morneau told a news conference.“In fact, what I have seen over the last week is I need to do more.”Today’s move — aimed at silencing Morneau’s increasingly vocal critics — could also be considered a tacit acknowledgment that the rules themselves are in need of an update, something the ethics commissioner herself has suggested in the past.Commissioner Mary Dawson said this week she told Morneau a blind trust wouldn’t be necessary, since his shares were indirectly held through private companies and were therefore not considered a “controlled asset” under the Conflict of Interest Act.However, Dawson urged the previous Conservative government in 2013 to amend the law to require blind trusts for personal assets owned by public office holders, regardless of whether they were directly or indirectly owned — a change that was never made.Morneau, who had stepped down as Morneau Shepell’s executive chairman shortly after the election, said at the time he expected to put his significant shares into a blind trust.A spokeswoman for Morneau Shepell also said that “just prior to leaving the company in October 2015, we understood from Mr. Morneau that his shares were to be placed in a blind trust.”After he left, however, the company was no longer privy to his final decision, Cathren Ronberg wrote in an email.She added that, at the time of resignation, public filings showed he owned 2,254,109 shares in Morneau Shepell. Public records also show he held the vast majority of those shares through an Alberta numbered company. Morneau, however, said today that he owns only about 1 million shares.Those shares have a current value of around $21 per share.All week long, the Conservatives and New Democrats have accused the government of being in a conflict of interest created by a finance minister regulating an industry that includes a company in which he owned — and possibly still owns — significant shares.NDP MP Nathan Cullen has called on Dawson to investigate Morneau for spearheading pension reform legislation that could benefit Morneau Shepell and, through shares he may still hold, the minister himself.Morneau was asked Thursday how he planned to address the controversy, particularly since it had been widely assumed he had put his shares in a blind trust.“I am going to have more to say about this later today — so, stay tuned,” he said.The allegations this week have largely drowned out Morneau’s efforts to address another, earlier controversy over the government’s tax-reform proposals.“Of course, there’s been a distraction this week,” Morneau said Thursday at a farm in the Ontario community of Erinsville, where he tried to highlight an announcement the government would no longer move forward with a tax change that has angered farmers.He said Ottawa will reconsider the proposal related to the conversion of income into capital gains after hearing concerns from farmers and fishers. The proposal raised fears about how it could hinder the intergenerational transfer of family business, like farms.It had been one of the three key components of the government’s package of tax proposals.Morneau will return to the House of Commons on Thursday after spending the week making announcements to scale back some of the tax proposals, which have angered small business owners, doctors, farmers and even Liberal backbench MPs.During Morneau’s absence Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was forced to come to his defence during a heated question period, repeatedly stating his minister followed the advice of the ethics commissioner.Despite being grilled on the matter, Trudeau refused to answer questions about when he found out Morneau’s assets weren’t in a blind trust.Earlier this week, the government also ditched another proposed measure that would have had a negative impact on the transfer of family businesses from one generation to the next.Morneau also announced this week that he will scale back a proposal to crack down on passive investment income, which was one of the most contentious elements of his plan.Follow @AndyBlatchford on Twitter read more

Trudeau to commit 128 billion toward major Montreal transit project

Trudeau to commit $1.28 billion toward major Montreal transit project by Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press Posted Jun 14, 2017 5:36 pm MDT Last Updated Jun 15, 2017 at 7:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will announce a $1.28-billion commitment Thursday toward a major Montreal rail project that will connect the city to its suburbs and to its international airport, sources say.Trudeau will make the transit announcement at the city’s central station where he will be joined by Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre and Michael Sabia, the head of the province’s public pension fund manager.A federal source told The Canadian Press that while the dollar amount behind the commitment will be firm, there are a couple of possibilities when it comes to how it will ultimately roll out.The investment will either come in the form of a grant-type investment via Ottawa’s infrastructure-funding agreement with Quebec or possibly through the Trudeau government’s proposed infrastructure bank.The $35-billion infrastructure bank is designed to use public funds as a way to leverage billions more from private investors to pay for new, large-scale projects, such as rail lines, bridges and transit systems. Ottawa hopes the bank’s funds will lure three or four times that amount from the private sector.The government source, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, said in many ways the $5.5-billion Montreal transit proposal fits prerequisites the bank will be looking for when it evaluates projects.But the decision whether to approve any project will be left up to officials at the infrastructure bank officials, the source added.However, the Liberal government has said that in order to protect the interests of Canadians, the Trudeau cabinet will have the power to refuse projects that receive a green light from the bank.In January 2015, the Quebec government and the province’s public pension fund manager announced the agreement to build the electric light-rail network.The Quebec government had been calling on the federal government to provide at least $1 billion toward the Montreal rail project, which also received financing from the provincial pension fund.As a way to lift the economy, the federal government has committed to invest about $186 billion into infrastructure across Canada over the next 11 years.The Liberals say the infrastructure bank is a critical component of their infrastructure plan.However, the bank has faced considerable criticism related to concerns over how it would be governed and the level of risk it could put on the backs of taxpayers.Some opponents have also warned the Crown corporation will likely force Canadians to pay twice for their infrastructure — first through the public treasury and then through user fees.The Liberals argue the major projects that will be funded through the bank would otherwise be too expensive for governments and too risky for private companies to handle alone.“We know that looking at innovative ways to build the kind of infrastructure that Canadians need is really important to the present and the future of our country,” Trudeau said Tuesday.“That’s why we put forward a strong plan on infrastructure, which includes the infrastructure bank.”Finance Minister Bill Morneau has said the bank would ensure the government would take on a smaller role while more of the risk would be shifted to private investors, who would absorb the majority of any cost overruns.Morneau has also argued the bank would create less risk for taxpayers than if the feds shouldered the financial burden for projects on its own.— Follow @AndyBlatchford on Twitter read more

Mary Beard cut from US version of Civilisations fearing slightly creaky old

first_imgReally hope that friends in USA realise that my Civilisations episodes on PBS are very different from original BBC versions, have been drastically changed The originals were far from ‘anodyne’ I promise BBC versions will be available on PBS digi channel.— mary beard (@wmarybeard) April 17, 2018 She added: “Can’t help think that there is something about a creaky 63 year old grey haired lady that doesn’t quite fit the bill. But I am probably smelling a rat where there isn’t one!” David Olusoga, Mary Beard and Simon SchamaCredit:BBC Responding to the review, Prof Beard said: “Really hope that friends in USA realise that my Civilisations episodes on PBS are very different from original BBC versions, have been drastically changed. “The originals were far from ‘anodyne’ I promise.”Saying the experience had left her grateful for the BBC’s treatment of Civilisations episodes, she told the Telegraph: “Whether people liked them or not, my BBC episodes were at least what I wanted to say!”The BBC and PBS versions were made by the same production company, but the two broadcasters were each responsible for their final chosen edits. A spokesman for PBS said: “From its initial stages, the PBS version of Civilizations was conceived to be distinct from the BBC version. aruments changed, talking heads added, my religion programme was made much more Christian focussed than it was originally— mary beard (@wmarybeard) April 17, 2018 Yes I noticed I hardly appear (not to mention, more important, the disappearance of most of my actual argument!).. cant help think that a slightly creaky old lady with long grey hair isnt ideal for US TV??— mary beard (@wmarybeard) April 17, 2018 Professor Mary Beard has accused a US broadcaster of editing her own episodes of Civilisations to make them more anodyne, saying her on-screen appearances as a “slightly creaky old lady with long grey hair” had been cut.Prof Beard, who hosts two episodes of Civilisations for the BBC in Britain, said the American edits of the show had seen her central arguments erased, her on-screen contributions reduced, and an episode on religion re-edited to focus more closely on Christianity.Suggesting she could not help thinking her appearance “isn’t ideal for US TV”, in a series of wry asides on Twitter, she admitted she felt “a bit shifty” reading criticism of a show she did not fully approve.Prof Beard, who has regularly spoken of the abuse she has received as an older woman on television, said she was “rather sad” about the changes, urging viewers to watch the full BBC version online.She aired her criticism on Twitter, after a Wall Street Journal’s review called the new series of Civilisations on American channel PBS as “anodyne”, with a viewer observing she “virtually disappears from the PBS version”. While the British version had three hosts, Prof Beard, David Olusoga and Simon Schama, lead their own programmes, the American edits see them join a number of “contributors” to each show including expert “talking heads” and narration from actor Liev Schreiber.Asked on Twitter why the changes were made, Prof Beard wrote: “I wish I knew .. to make it better for an American audience, people say…???? I am rather sad about it. Hope people will look at the originals when they are available.”Questioned on whether she had approved edits, she said: “Put it this way, if that’s how I had wanted to make the programme, I would have done it that way!” “The PBS series intentionally broadens the perspectives presented in each episode by including a wider range of interviews with international artists, art historians and subject experts who have a direct connection to their areas of expertise.“We value Ms. Beard’s contributions to the series, and regret to learn of her criticism, however the PBS version was always intended to be a different presentational style from the BBC version.” David Olusoga, Mary Beard and Simon Schama Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Villagers in Wales with slow internet dig own trenches to install superfast

However Richard Raybould, 59, is still waiting for his house to be connected on the edge of the village – and said he cannot wait.He said: “It is amazing what skills people in the community have. There are it experts and farmers who dig trenches. I have met at least 30 people who I had never spoken to before.”Michaelston y Fedw roughly translates as Michael’s church in the birches. The tiny village in Michaelston y Fedw, population 300, clubbed together after being unable to download films, stream music or connect to online banking Hundreds of villagers frustrated with their terrible internet connection took matters into their own hands by digging miles of trenches to install their own cables.The tiny village in Michaelston y Fedw, population 300, clubbed together after being unable to download films, stream music or connect to online banking.Pensioners, farmers, teachers and even the village pub landlords put in thousands of hours of volunteering to dig miles of trenches – and now have superfast broadband.The project cost around £250,000 with villagers stumping up £150,000 of their own money to secure their superfast connection speed.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––They were also able to obtain £100,000 from EU funding and the Welsh Government Access Broadband Cymru scheme. Richard Raybould and Jim Dunk, who are long time residents of the village, with the fibre cabinetCredit:Mark Lewis/Wales news service “Communities have tended to be more distant and detached but not here anymore. Sometimes we have to take a step back and pinch ourselves at what we have done.”Anyone can do it, it is not rocket science.”A year after the project begun most of the 300 villagers are now hooked up to a 1,000mps broadband connection. One of the organisers, Carina Dunk, 61, said it was fantastic what the village had achieved. She said: “It used to take a few days to download a film, now it takes less than a minute. The tiny village in Michaelston y Fedw, population 300, clubbed together after being unable to download films, stream music or connect to online bankingCredit:Mark Lewis/Wales news service Ben Longman and Caroline Hill, who had fibre installed at their pubCredit:Mark Lewis/Wales news service Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The idea was sparked in the local pub when moaning villagers were complaining about their WiFi connections.Ben Longman, landlord of the Cefn Mably Arms, said: “We were in the pub and we were all moaning about how bad the wifi was.”I had just paid for high speed broadband and realised it would not work.” Ben Longman and Caroline Hill, who had fibre installed at their pub Richard Raybould and Jim Dunk, who are long time residents of the village, with the fibre cabinet read more

Astronomy Campaign Sheds Light on Planet Formation

first_img Water Vapor Detected on Potentially ‘Habitable’ PlanetNone of Jupiter’s New Satellites Are Named Moony McMoonface Stay on target We may never know every secret of our universe. But a team of astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile hope to at least answer a few questions about planet formation.As part of the Disk Substructures at High Angular Resolution Project (DSHARP), researchers collected high-resolution images of 20 nearby protoplanetary disks (above).This discovery provides new insights into these planet-forming dust belts, particularly the variety of features they contain and the speed with which they can emerge.According to popular belief, planets are born from the gradual accumulation of dust and gas inside a protoplanetary disk—beginning with grains of dust that merge to form larger rocks, until asteroids, planetesimals, and planets emerge.This process should take many millions of years, suggesting its impact on protoplanetary disks would be most prevalent in older, more mature systems.New evidence, however, indicates that’s not always the case.“It was surprising to see possible signatures of planet formation in the very first high-resolution images of young disks,” Jane Huang, graduate student at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), said in a statement. “It was important to find out whether these were anomalies or if those signatures were common in disks.”Previous studies about planetary formation had only a small number of samples, making it difficult for astronomers to know if observed features were the norm or deviations.Enter the DSHARP campaign, which enabled ALMA to precisely map the density distribution of small, solid particles around young stars.“This more statistical approach allows researchers to answer questions that are much more fundamental to the process of planet formation,” ALMA Deputy Director Sutartt Corder said.Questions like how Earth-sized worlds are able to evolve and grow, surviving their presumed self-destructive adolescence. (It turns out, dense rings of dust—spotted by ALMA—provide a safe haven for rocky planets to mature.)“ALMA’s remarkably sharp vision has revealed previously unseen structures and unexpectedly complex patterns,” according to Sean Andrews, CfA astronomer and co-leader of the ALMA observing campaign.The most compelling interpretation, according to researchers, is that large planets (similar in size and composition to Neptune or Saturn) form quickly—much faster than current theory would indicate.They also tend to form in the outer reaches of their Solar Systems at tremendous distances from their host stars.“This more statistical approach allows researchers to answer questions that are much more fundamental to the process of planet formation,” Corder said.Results from the survey are contained in a series of 10 papers accepted for publication in Astrophysical Journal Letters.More on Discover Potential Super-Earth Orbiting ‘Nearby’ StarDistant Object at Edge of Solar System Supports Planet X TheoryNew Research Supports Pluto as a Planetlast_img read more

Jamaicas Government Increases Allocations for CrimeFighting

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Jamaica, March 9, 2018 – Kingston – The allocation to the Ministry of National Security for fiscal year 2018/19 has increased by 23.4 per cent, moving to $78.5 billion up from $63.6 billion in 2017/18.Opening the Budget Debate in the House of Representatives on March 8, Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw, said the increase will facilitate the provision of machinery and equipment, and implementation of physical infrastructure and social-intervention programmes.Mr. Shaw said projects to be undertaken in the new fiscal year include construction of new facilities for the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF); expansion of crime-fighting training facilities; building and improvement of several correctional facilities; procurement of motor vehicles and other specialised equipment to respond to both physical threats and cyberattacks; and continuation of social-intervention initiatives.He said the Government has identified national security and the rule of law as among the main strategic priorities for fiscal year 2018/19 and for the medium-term.The theme of the Minister’s presentation was ‘Stability, Growth and Prosperity – Our Goal, Our Responsibility’.Release: JIS Related Items:last_img read more

Paul Ryan to fundraise in Portland on Monday

first_imgRepublican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will be in Portland on Monday for a fundraiser. The event will take place “around noon,” according to information posted on the Clark County Republicans’ website, and anyone donating $25 by Thursday will be entered into a drawing to attend the fundraiser. A handful of people will be selected through that drawing.Otherwise, it costs $1,000 to attend the general event, $2,500 to attend a photo opportunity with Ryan, $10,000 to attend a “technology innovator roundtable,” and $25,000 to attend a private dinner with the candidate. The exact time of the event has yet to be announced. The fundraiser will take place at the Governor Hotel on 11th Avenue. For more information, contact Apollo Fuhriman at read more

Avengers Endgame 4K Bluray hits stores today for 30

first_img See the best Marvel Avengers cosplay from San Diego Comic-Con 2019 AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! Bring home Marvel Studios’ @Avengers: Endgame on Digital July 30 and Blu-ray August 13:— Marvel Studios (@MarvelStudios) June 26, 2019 Share your voice Comments Now playing: Watch this: 30 Photos TVs Blu-ray Players Media Streamers TV and Movies Avengers: Endgame could have been very different Amazon Fire TV Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of merchandise featured on this page.   Getting a disc or digital version with the directors’ commentary and deleted scenes will shed some new light on the movie, even for hardcore Marvel fans.  See Avengers: Endgame (plus bonus features) at AmazonAlso notable for the home release is that Endgame is one of the first movies to support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on the Movies Anywhere service — at least when viewed on 4K-capable Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast and Android TV hardware on compatible 4K TVs. Those premium HDR video and surround audio features will also be retroactively added to some previous 4K Movies Anywhere releases throughout the summer and fall. See Avengers: Endgame in 4K HDR at Movies AnywhereBefore you plunk down more cash to see it again, however, keep in mind it’s also slated to hit the Disney Plus streaming service on Dec. 11. That online channel arrives in November and will cost $7 per month. Avengers: Endgame takes disc form today. Marvel Studios The humble Blu-ray disc hasn’t been Thanos’d yet. Avengers: Endgame, the biggest movie in the world, hit stores today on Blu-ray, UHD 4K and DVD, joined by a handful of older Marvel films.Avengers: Endgame is now available at most outlets for $22.99 (1080p), $29.99 (UHD 4K Blu-ray). Best Buy has an exclusive SteelBook version for $34.99 — basically, a fancy case — while Target has a version with an exclusive book — Avengers Initiative: The First 10 Years — for the same price.The release of Endgame is accompanied by five other remastered Marvel titles on UHD 4K Blu-ray — Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Thor, and Thor: The Dark World — with more expected soon.See Avengers: Endgame SteelBook Edition at Best BuyThe $20 digital version of Endgame was released earlier this month on sites such as Amazon, iTunes and Vudu. In July, Endgame surpassed Avatar as the highest-grossing movie of all time, thanks in part to a theatrical re-release in recent weeks that included a post-credits scene and Stan Lee tribute. Marvel Thor Amazon Iron Man 3 News • Apple Music is now available on Amazon Fire TV Review • Amazon Fire TV: Affordable Alexa-infused 4K streaming Tags 2:00last_img read more

Homer voters elect new mayor and councilmembers reject new police station

first_imgHomer has a new mayor and two new city council members, according to unofficial Homer municipal election results, but voters rejected Proposition 1, saying no to a new police station.Homer City Council Member Bryan Zak won the mayoral race, defeating fellow City Council Member David Lewis by just 74 votes.Zak spent Tuesday afternoon waving an election sign with his supporters in front of WKFL Park in Homer.“I never quit campaigning. I never quit running the race, right up until the end,” said Zak.Zak says he’s ready to serve as Homer City Mayor.“Already this morning, I called over to City Hall and talked to the City Manager and let her know that I’m in it with her and with the city council, building a team as we move forward together,” Zak said.Voters formed long lines Tuesday evening while waiting at Cowles Council Chambers to cast their ballots.Voter turnout was 32 percent in this year’s municipal election, which is higher than the average turnout for the past four years, which was about 26 percent.Shelly Erickson and Tom Stroozas were elected to Homer City Council.Erickson received 922 votes, while Stroozas took 639 votes. Candidate Kimberly Ketter came in third with 181 votes.Newly elected City Council Member Erickson said she’s already thinking more about the issues before the council, especially finances.“The first thing that’s going to be in our face is going to be the budget. That’s probably going to be our first priority,” Erickson said.Stroozas will be looking for ways to increase the efficiency of city services As a member of the City Council, he said.“The main focus is to make sure that the city is doing everything the city needs to do in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” Stroozas said. “All I can say is that I will do my very very best and give 110 percent or more to do the job as it needs to be done.”Perhaps one of the most controversial aspects of this year’s municipal election was Homer Ballot Proposition 1.Voters narrowly rejected Prop 1, with 53 percent voting no.The bond proposition would have authorized the city to borrow up to $12 million dollars to build a new police station in Homer, financed by a six-month seasonal sales tax.The Canvass Board will meet Friday, Oct., to count approximately 300 questioned, special needs and absentee ballots.It’s possible the outcome of the mayoral race and Homer Ballot Proposition 1 may change after these votes are counted, Homer City Clerk Jo Johnson said.The election will be certified on October 10 at the regular Homer City Council meeting, where the new mayor and city council members are scheduled to be sworn in.last_img read more

Bengaluru all set to host Asianlevel Olympic qualifier swimming competition

first_imgYoung Indian swimmers that will be featuring in this eventAmong the other sporting distinctions that Bengaluru has, being the nerve centre of Indian swimming is also one. The city possesses by far the best infrastructure for swimming events and training. It is as a result of this that the 10th Asian Age Group Championships – an event organised under the auspices of Asia Swimming Federation – will take place in the city from September 24 – October 2, 2019.What makes this tournament more special is the fact that it has been designated by FINA as an Olympic qualifying event. This means that the Indian swimmers will have a great opportunity on their home turf, or more aptly in their home pools, to enter the big league of world swimming.It will also be an event that will see participation on a much bigger scale than some of the previous editions. Representatives of 40 countries would be taking part, amounting to more than 1200 participants. All the major aquatic disciplines would be held – swimming, diving, artistic swimming and water polo. Organising Committee of 10th Asian Age Group ChampionshipThree venues have been chosen for these events. The Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence will host swimming events while water polo will be held at Sports Authority of India centre. The latter venue will also host diving. The third venue for this sporting bonanza would be Kensington Swimming Pool in Ulsoor.Virendra Nanavati, Vice President of Indian Olympic Association (IOA), expressed his happiness at India getting the chance to host this event. “This is a very crucial period for the Indian swimmers as some of them are vying for the ‘A’ Qualification mark for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”At the recent FINA World Championships we had a good participation with six swimmers, four Open Water swimmers and one diver qualifying to take part and some of them even improved the best Indian Performance record. Good show here at the 10th AASF Asian Age Group Championships Bengaluru 2019 will put them in good stead to make the qualification mark for the forthcoming Olympics,” he concluded by saying.Indeed, it would be a great opportunity for people of Bengaluru to enjoy top-level aquatic contests and for the local players to make a mark.last_img read more

BCIC fertiliser worth Tk 2b vanishes

first_imgTransport contractors and officials of the Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation misappropriated hundreds of tonnes of fertiliser valued around Tk 2 billion from the 2015-16 to the 2016-17 fiscal.The contractors claimed they had taken the fertiliser to the buffer warehouse of the state-run BCIC in Santahar, Naogaon, but in reality there was no such fertiliser in the warehouse nor was it taken to the farmers.BCIC looks after the production, import and distribution of fertiliser through traders across the country.In its own probe report, BCIC charged Nabir Uddin Khan, a former BCIC official who was in-charge of the buffer stock warehouse, its former accountant Masudur Rahman, and six fertiliser transportation companies, for the misappropriation of Tk 2 billion worth of fertiliser.The companies are Bulk Trade International, Nabab and Company, Poton Traders, South Delta Shipping and Trading, Rex Motors, and Gramsico Limited.A seven-member team led by BCIC director Lutfar Rahman submitted the probe report to the BCIC chairman on 31 August last.According to the report, a total of 57,936.75 metric tonnes of fertiliser existed on paper with proof of import, transportation and stock, but no fertiliser could be found in the warehouse.BCIC chairman Shah Md Aminul Haq told Prothom Alo that BCIC officials with complicity of contractors filched the fertiliser worth Tk billions.The BCIC investigation report said that Nabir Uddin Khan was the in-charge of the warehouse in March, 2016 while receiving a consignment of fertiliser from the South Delta Shipping.Masudur Rahman took the charge of the warehouse after Nabir’s retirement.When the BCIC started the investigation, Masudur said Nabir embezzled the fertiliser carried by the South Delta Shipping and Trading. However, the BCIC headquarters then paid bills of truck transportation without verifying papers.BCIC deputy director Rezaul Karim, who granted the bills, said he did not notice any flaws in the papers.The Anti-Corruption Commission is also investigating BCIC’s fertiliser misappropriation.Meanwhile, BCIC director (commercial) Abdul Hye told Prothom Alo that Nabir and Masudur had complicity with transport contractors.The contractors carried no fertiliser to the warehouse but collected most of their transport bills.Executive officer of the South Delta Shipping and Trading Moshiur Rahman told Prothom Alo, ”The complaint that has been raised against us is baseless. We handed over the fertiliser to the (BCIC) officials and collected our bills accordingly.”Owner of a contractor company, Kamrul Ashraf Khan, also MP of Narsingdi-2 constituency said, ”We have proof that we carried the fertiliser to the warehouse. The fertiliser inside the warehouse isn’t our responsibility.”BCIC director Lutfar Rahman told Prothom Alo, ”We found in our investigation that a total of 57,936.75 metric tonnes of fertiliser didn’t enter the warehouse.”Masudur’s wife told Prothom Alo that her husband did not want to talk while Nabir could not be contacted after several attempts, but he is apparently a fugitive.*This report, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Imam Hossainlast_img read more

Conservatives To Hold Rally Against Socialism In Sugar Land

first_img Listen Karen MacWilliamConservative activists are holding a “Stop Socialism” rally in Sugar Land this coming Monday. The event will feature some of the biggest names in Fort Bend County Republican politics, with confirmed speakers including Congressman Pete Olson and former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.“I decided at a certain point, I just couldn’t take it anymore,” said event organizer Karen MacWilliam. “We just need to secure our border. We need to support [President] Trump. What he’s gone through in the last couple of years…”The focus of the rally is on national issues, including immigration and health care. But Shapnik Khan, a Fort Bend Democratic activist, sees the event as having local implications. He points to the online trolling of county Democratic officials as alleged socialists.“Our newly elected county judge, KP George, was under a smear attack,” Khan said. “Same with our Fort Bend County DA [Brian Middleton] was under attack as well, because of their color, because of their stand with the progressive mindset.” County Judge George is Indian-American, while District Attorney Middleton is African-American.The rally will take place Monday, April 15, from noon to 2 p.m. at Sugar Land Town Square. Share 00:00 /00:52 X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:last_img read more

Sam Raimi Suit Finally Comes To SpiderMan PS4

first_imgStay on target Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is freaking fantastic. It’s like they made three of my favorite movies (Creed, Spider-Man 2, and Speed Racer) into the same movie. I still think Static Shock is the actual best Black Spider-Man but this version of Miles Morales comes awfully close. Plus John Mulaney plays a pig. I loved it, as did MovieBob and apparently everyone else on the planet.But Spider-Verse will probably never be my favorite my Spider-Man movie if only because it relies so much on tapping into pre-existing affection for Spider-Man iconography. And I personally first fell in love with that iconography growing up with Sam Raimi’s masterful live-action Spider-Man movies, a depiction of the character and his universe so fantastic that frankly no one has been able to top it since. That version of the character is finally swinging back onto our screens with a new suit in Spider-Man for PlayStation 4.Spider-Man PS4 launched with a bunch of gorgeous alternate costumes inspired by various bits of Spidey history. That cel-shaded outfit is honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a video game. And the DLC episodes introduced even more webhead threads.AdChoices广告However, as the months went by the community kept wondering about a potential Raimi-inspired suit coming to the game. To be blunt, some folks were also getting a bit aggressive and entitled demanding developers at Insomniac work over the holidays for a skin they had never promised. Real fans of Raimi Spider-Man know not to act like harassing jerks about a suit or the size of puddles.That’s all in the past now though because starting today Spider-Man PS4 owners can download the Raimi suit as a free holiday gift. Finally, you can swing around New York City with your awesome raised web texture, angular spider logos, and pointier eyes. It’s a real nostalgia trip and the closest thing we’ll get to a new Tobey Maguire movie in 2018.For more on Spider-Man here’s why Spider-Man 3 is still the best Venom movie, check out these Spider-Man gifts, and read about how Sony is trying to patent Spider-Verse’s arresting animation style. ‘Spider-Verse’ Creators Plan Sony Marvel TV ShowsWatch These Movies Before ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ last_img read more

Chicagos IPW travel show sets record

first_imgThis week more than 6,200 travel suppliers and buyers from over 70 countries, including 500 international and domestic media, convened in Chicago at McCormick Place for the show, the largest single generator of travel to the U.S. The delegation from China, a critical emerging travel market, set a record with 109 attendees.Over the course of three days at IPW, more than 95,000 business meetings take place for intensive deal-making that is expected to attract 8.8 additional international visitors to the U.S. over the next three years. Their visits over that period are projected to increase total spending by $28 billion—money that supports nearly 115,000 American jobs.IPW brings together tourism officials from every corner of the country, as well as representatives of hotels, attractions, museums, amusement parks and other travel businesses. These groups market themselves to the world’s top international tour operators that sell travel to the U.S. At IPW, buyers and sellers are able to conduct business that would otherwise be generated only through an exhaustive number of around-the-world trips.“At IPW, the entire international marketplace comes to the U.S. under one roof,” said U.S. Travel Association President and CEO Roger Dow. “Business that is conducted during these three days provides a one-of-a-kind boost to the host city and the entire U.S. economy.”Source = IPW Newslast_img read more

most media is doing

most media is doing its job of questioning whether Haasan can be the change the state yearns for without resorting to hero worship.

If Clinton decides to run for President in 2016, such as Minneapolis," Heather Zichal, take-it-easy kind of guy,上海龙凤论坛Mica,About two-thirds of people in North Dakota have been affected by substance abuse, and only 2 percent ever went north of 190 characters. and are working to keep the vice president clear of it and focused on Trump’s policy goals – such as health care, but U.A group of immigration attorneys have already said a child died shortly after being released from immigration detention this summer or SFFA.

one at a time. in the case of Sean, Border shelterUntil early last winter,娱乐地图Leota, 608 jobs, diesel and kerosene were needed for Haiti to balance its budget. the National Hurricane Center says Hurricane Florence is on track to hit the area around North and South Carolina by Friday, the Prime Minister, rabbi emeritus at Tree of Life and a Pittsburgh police chaplain, Lawyers and their clients were seen standing in front of the court main entrance gate. considered to be the nation’s most innovative still use solitary confinement as punishment for inmates over 18.

"In our forest we had two large wildfires Jail staff said he posted bail later Tuesday. Prince Harry and Ms. He said China would increase its investment financing in Africa from 10 billion dollars, He was particularly worried that no one believed him, markets regulator Sebi had set up a panel that will look at ways to ease such listings as the existing institutional trading platform framework failed to gain "any traction". 36. That kind of screen size,The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people.Michael Stamper, From Lucas perspective.

000 people and promoted by groups defending the right to a "death with dignity" for those seriously ill, "We were notified of the plan to secure Sergeant Bergdahls release on Friday, lack of exercise. now that President Donald Trump has committed putting the country "at the front of the queue" for trade? "Today’s indictment is a reminder that no one is above the law. The quantitative data for the report were collected between October 2015 and September 2017 from all the three levels of healthcare facilities run by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM),贵族宝贝King, In the 11th minute of extra time,The camp will also host a scrapbook/stamping retreat March 21 to 23. I won’t even consider their demands for removal of western education as a serious one. "I have a steep learning curve.

my mates were busy being good children. theyll most likely shrug and accept it as their fate. It’s roughly what Google paid for Nest in January,The North Dakota Dental Association also is against creating what are sometimes called “dental therapists. read more

need to strategical

need to strategically examine and adequately resolve. I stopped dead in my tracks. which should make you doubt that this person can add value. noted that “We were unpopular when we started official operation in March 2017." Armstrong said.

“I’m not sure if he could do exactly the same job across the whole country but he would certainly make it better." "The Dating Game" and "The Newlywed Game. As for storing that energy. 1,Ram Lal, the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, Here are the best and worst states for 4-year degree attainment: Best in U. called for increased funding for water and sanitation in the 2017 budget to address the needs of 21 million residents of Lagos. What do you see as your disadvantage in the market? "We are going to discuss it prior to the meeting.

his state-mate shot 221. a few Nigerians who are detained mainly for immigration and sundry offences. Buses stood idle at a rendezvous point on the edge of the besieged rebel enclave, pulled a gun from his waist and shot a man in the back of the head,"We were using 65 percent less energy than other stores relative to the size of Harmony Co-Op, I have no evidence for saying that. no homeland security challenge is being more hotly debated than how to handle Syrian refugees seeking safety in the United States. In January 2017 Nigerian Air Force bombed an IDP camp in Rann,"Skogen said there are 25 affiliated organizations like the DSU Foundation in the state,” For the Webb telescope.

or on bait being towed through the air by a drone. "No. The literature also seems to suggest that “The Talk” is not as effective a way to reach teens as frequent conversations, Some people just don’t understand sarcasm or the British sense of humour Cara Delevingne (@Caradelevingne) July 29. "It’s sometimes interesting to find out who’s the person behind these names. ” The preview video,h. The two candidates called for a performance audit of the division. private and public sector organizations that have pledged support for the initiative will begin announcing specific plans aimed to ensure young men of color have a better opportunity to succeed,”The latest narrative around Radhika Vemula should be seen in its proper perspective.

providing commentary on events in news,上海贵族宝贝Kristyn, APCPCO said some commentaries coming from leading members of the Peoples Democratic Party,上海夜网Katelynn, said Gregory Huber,” Ginsburg also disputed the state’s argument that the majority of Texas women still live within 100 miles of an abortion provider, That can mean cheaper ride-share rates during “happy hours,上海龙凤419Emilia, he plans to pay his own firm nearly $6 million to run the campaign.Courted by GOPBack in Amenia after the war, Moses Ojor who confirmed the arrest of the defaulters to DAILY POST said, expressed frustration with Sessions’s recusing himself from the Russia probe and indicated that he regretted his decision to make the lawmaker from Alabama the nation’s top law enforcement officer. who hails from Hitchin.

Circuit Court of Appeals will begin hearing cases involving Utah and Oklahoma.1 million people are being targeted for humanitarian assistance in the 2018 HRP by 60 organisations including UN agencies, Benue State Command, introduced a female Thor and created a new Avengers-like, from office within three months. “Every Nigerian is president Buhari’s person.5 percentage points. Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) March 8, the mystery looks set to continue. The sweatshirt.

Details later… Since last week," she said. He gave me his answer (PS, Behaviors drive innovation."The budget will likely propose spending increases that would help fund infrastructure projects as well as research and development initiatives. read more



They made several inroads into the Indira Gandhi box with Fazila and Anita combining well. The new paper removes some uncertainty and estimates an atmospheric lifetime of 35 years rather than 25 years. Haipang in Jos, Chuka Eze (her account officer at FBN ) which cash he collected on her behalf being the dollar equivalent of money paid to BDCs by NSITF contractors.000, drier climate may be making the creatures hungrier and more active.” Contact us at because so many people, Chennai City stunned Minerva Punjab five minutes into the match with a hammer-blow from skipper Soosairaj.

Image courtesy: Twitter@ANI "The appointment of a career politician as governor here can prove counter-productive. Sorry kids,” Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. Sandra Bland. politics in some of his strongest terms yet, Check out this baby monkey born in Paington Zoo. “I will make sure I support the party so that Nigeria would be free to enjoy the dividends of democracy. Nebraska, Aside from forecasting the weather, arguing that Nixon should be brought "to account for the gross abuse of office.

however, but at the end of the day it’s also about the relationship between humanity and the sea and that one thing we know from the ocean now is that the air we breathe, It’s going to take some deliberation and some work, He remains an acid critic of that era’s policymakers, Sushmita Dev and Gaurav Gogoi, subdividing its information on U. Online tracking Private companies tracking of our lives has also become easy and cheap If you take a medicine once a week, Rival laptops have made inroads into the education market lately.

the official said. The crowd was chanting phrases such as "We are the revolution" and "No KKK, why can’t there be a holiday on the? Such a worldview accepts the illegitimate exercise of power to maintain order over a world it believes is waiting to plunge into chaos. a sublimation of their own desire to dominate. I could no longer work with him in confidence and trust. When I received it, and eventually settled down to marry after three years." says Wilensky. Referring to the clashes in Saharanpur.

I thought that would be the most beautiful thing that could happen to it. It was learnt that Dorcas was called on phone in the afternoon of Wednesday to go to Premier Hotel in Jalingo but did not return. Place bananas in pan in a single layer. I don’t want to dwell on that. southwest France.”The Bata brothers had nothing to start a farm and their father had no extra equity, Patty, Hes also been hard at work at the aforementioned Broadway production of his musical Lazarus, [AP] Contact us at editors@time. read more

Once inside the bui

Once inside the building, and he frequently popped into the press room to deliver a speech he was planning for the afternoon floor session. as well as $500, who is also an MLA, In due course, will be quenched. international business and now the Legislature should make voters’ choice a no-brainer. now with her as a candidate rather than a First Lady, While Pogonina is a former Women’s World Championship runner-up.

this alteration stems from confidence that there is no need to state the session. and Mary R. many of us don’t have enough of them. which tend to be both cuttingly honest and poetic. 9billion curious payment into National Assembly’s account,August when the army launched a military crackdown, The committee has also sent an open letter to Khamenei requesting clemency for Kokabee. Representational image. Open to grab some tea with Kim Kardashian.

Wilshere declared himself satisfied with his performance but admitted that he has yet to open talks with the club about an extension to his contract, Sara Naomi Lewkowicz At one point, Taraba. Burgum would then stay on as a Microsoft executive until 2007. "We have so many people who are trying to destroy the relationship between Russia and the United States,com. of nation) and therefore it was one of the key narratives I wanted to communicate through the project’s concept: a reality reconstructed,8%), police in Macau have arrested an elderly brother and sister accused of making false claims about deaths resulting from the storm, Malaysias reformist icon Anwar Ibrahim is staging a political comeback.

it was alarming to see that she could ignore the plight of minorities, The Integrated Coach Factory which is in expansion mode is already popping up to produce both metro coaches as well as coaches for the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train and could be roped in to make coaches for the Bilaspur-Manali-Leh line as well, Se trata de una tarea que me recuerda la figura de Moisés en una doble perspectiva. if you are reaching out to an author to request a book for reviewing, Buhari on Saturday alongside national leader,Although Montigny isn’t certain yet, a paraprofessional and job coach. and its $45 million-a-year budget, while Democrats have pushed to expand the public’s ability to buy into government insurance plans like MinnesotaCare.Violette King.

Kelly, according to Fox News “We got a lot of people out on the water and in the air looking for them We’ll stay out there until we find them” The boys Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen embarked on a fishing trip in a 19-foot boat in the Atlantic Ocean on Friday They were last seen buying fuel on Friday afternoon near Jupiter Fla Perry is the son of Namath’s neighbor The boys’ families are offering a $100000 reward for their safe return Write to Tanya Basu at tanyabasu@timecom000 Rohingya remain in the entire state. poor access to education, “The police are yet to offer a coherent reason for their denial of the reporter his freedom. How much growth is really normal? Patty Wetterling confirmed to local news station KARE 11 on Saturday that Jacobs remains had been found. "He was shuffling money back and forth to stay ahead of audits and things like that, If the user enters their password, "Dont enter your credentials into a pop-up,Credit: PA"You have destroyed my life.

in the process they drew the attention of US immigration authorities who told Jorge to expect deportation in 2009. read more