To improve the long tail keywords increased coverage conversion method


today’s target keywords flow, a high degree of concern, leading to the majority of people are doing the target keywords; but in fact, they don’t know the target keywords value has been reduced; with today’s massive target keyword bidding; the target keywords has been very difficult to do, the competitiveness was too intense, because the number of users comparison website, making the conversion rate has decreased. While most people would not know how to do long tail keywords or simply is not to pay attention to the optimization of the long tail keywords; in fact, some long tail keywords is key to the success of people know how to use the. Of course, you might ask: why we need to do long tail keywords? What? It has what characteristic is worth us to put the keywords used to do conventional energy transfer in the past to do it? It is very simple: less competition, strong demand for accurate, high conversion rate, but also can bring huge traffic, forming a virtuous cycle. read more

Business marketing Shanghai dragon SEM UEO and the website optimization is what

User Experience Optimization abbreviation, Chinese means to optimize the user experience, is your web site in response to the user’s experience to optimize the face of website content optimizing user level, in line with the principle of service for visitors, improve the site function, operation, vision and other elements of the site, to get the favour of visitors, to improve the flow conversion rate by UEO.

Search Engine Marketing abbreviation, Chinese is search engine marketing. SEM is a comprehensive and effective use of search engines to conduct online marketing and promotion, including natural ranking (Shanghai dragon), PPC, search advertising and marketing activities, focus on comprehensive search engine. read more