Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Website Tools upgrade on line announcement

Webmaster Tools submitted through revision rules, can see the effect from submission to online schedule, understand the specific situation in a timely manner through the

help documentation

– regular format for submission to encore, webmasters service

A5 (www.admin5贵族宝贝) station network July 3rd news today, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform release website tool upgrade on-line announcement, notice that the new website tool upgrades can make the revision is no longer a problem. The following is the content of the announcement: read more

The relationship between three aspects of the interpretation of the inside pages included and rankin

promotion act as a go-between.The core function of

first, driving the overall flow, affect the user behavior of

second, the chain page ranking


page included the most direct benefit is to boost the overall flow, thus affecting the user click behavior on the site, have played a positive role in the overall Shanghai dragon is. The weight of a good site, included more pages, will bring more traffic, and a considerable number of sites, most of the flow from the tail, there are many real cases to prove. So, in the search engine search results, the probability of each page is to click on you than in the same industry included small sites to be much larger, so that a search engine will think your website more valuable information, brand exposure, user confidence, two hits a chance will be accumulated overall, the weight of the website will play a positive role. Then the weights are accumulated and improve the overall site ranking ability is bound to rise, this is the first reason. read more

The method of ranking rose rapidly after the title change website

The second step:

change after the title: update a day, not less than twenty, at least the first page of the article all have to change. The reason for this is that the search engine on your website to maintain freshness, every day is different.

but when you change the title of not careful, everything will come to naught.

has very important significance in the website, if you write a good title, then the ranking will go up easily, it will save you more time and effort.

so many new webmaster for the site title is really difficult to start, how to modify the title right, make your website ranking more into a layer of read more

How to choose the domain name

Avoid the use of ?

any URL website address should be concise, easy to spell, easy to understand, this is one of the most important principles. Like "Yahoo!", "eBay", "Sina", "8848" the website already deeply embedded in the minds of Internet users. Indeed, we know that most of this name has been registered by the company millions. However, there are still a large number of unused letters, numbers.

– to avoid the use of hackneyed and stereotyped expressions of read more

How to let the new sites included faster

in Shanghai dragon in this industry, do not have the patience to do a good web, in the numerous successful webmaster has been in the proof of this fact. There are a few stationmaster is doing Everything is going smoothly. in this industry? The experience twists and turns and waves. Only we.


now I just made a new station, just to promote full automatic filling production line equipment, in fact now promotion optimization and not many days, but the first thing every day I open my computer is site website? Sometimes several times a day, but the time in a day in the past. My site is not included. I began to ask their friends, or in the website, full of questions, why is my website or not be included? In my day without going to need to find the answer in my heart when we wake up, what is the ultimate goal of our website? Is the service to customers, convenience to customers, welcomed by the users of a site, and eventually fell in love with the love of the sea, the opposite is, you do a lot of love for Shanghai’s Optimization on your website, and did not give customers a good experience, so that your site is a failure, is not welcome, love Shanghai are you cold site. So here, the webmaster, when we feel confused when think we aim to make the site, do not lose the original target. Do love Shanghai not included new sites, what do we do? I think we should start from the following points: read more

Keywords optimization on the website of Shanghai dragon in all aspects

Shanghai Longfeng auxiliary label

in determining the domain name and website structure generally do not have major changes, and the filling content becomes very strong operation part, relevant keywords timely distribution in the content, make your body look more firmly matched with the website, search engine and user understanding of the theme of the site, but the keywords location, quantity, density and other problems are to stand for varies, nature is good.

at the beginning of the site domain name: url read more

On a large site access speed optimization strategy

1, an independent domain name, such as a site for bj.58贵族宝贝, the picture will use the 58cdn贵族宝贝.cn service, the benefits of doing so is to isolate the cookie, reducing traffic, enhance the site access speed;

site access speed directly affects the company and the interests of users, its importance is self-evident, in this paper, 58 city operation director Lu Wenju shared some recent experience accumulated in the optimization of the site access speed, we hope to bring some help to the operation and maintenance personnel. read more

Website update to the heart or become useless

of course, professional limited, we also can write the current hot spots, like Ya’an earthquake is the most attention, we can write some related information or their best wishes. After all, the user in addition to care about their needs, but also the focus of attention.

first, we in the creation of the original article must first look for their own customer groups. For example, we provide a platform for information related to Shanghai dragon always appear some clothing beauty information, you think how the search engines to look at you, the user will feel. You will only feel in hanging deceptive, no actual effect. read more

Learn from love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai Dragon

but here to fully learn like Shanghai encyclopedia still is not reality, such as the Shanghai encyclopedia love every day added a lot of Wikipedia entries, which is the content of the website every day during the increasing of high quality, it is generally not website >

first love Shanghai Encyclopedia of labels, it is equivalent to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love we do website content page, in title it only put an entry and love the Shanghai encyclopedia, then description, is the entry profile description, of course, in the introduction will naturally put on a few this is also a keyword entry, we say, love Shanghai in the website content will automatically put the source code inside the space and line removal, not as we do the web page source code as neatly, so that on the one hand is to reduce the volume of web pages, on the other hand is to accelerate the speed of the page load, the contents of the entry name is equivalent to our title, will be wrapped with H1, just love Shanghai encyclopedia H1 will contain only the entry, and when we do will be split into several long tail keywords, such You love Shanghai encyclopedia on the increasing relevance of keywords. read more

One of the search engine spiders crawling spider to grab the link of quest

so that no longer exists on the page link, also has a role. Today is to share these, after the analysis of the content to share myself with you, if there are inaccuracies, please criticism.

is if there is a chain of a web page, will not immediately have the spider to grab the page, but there will be a process of analysis and calculation. Even if the chain is deleted in the spider crawl, this link may have been recorded after the search engine, and can crawl. And next time if the spider to grab the chain page, found the link does not exist, or the chain page where there were 404, so just reduce the weight of the chain, should not to delete this link URL index database. read more