The website article is love Shanghai seconds of experience sharing

station hope that their website article was soon love Shanghai included, do not say first ranking, can the second is how pleasant, always struggling to wait until the second day Bixinxin original discovery has not been included to more comfortable. Ha ha! We finally look forward to this day, above:

2, the website added social elements to share. The Internet information is now instant, especially in micro-blog’s information. Before using the screen sharing button, found few people share (share button is not obvious, they won’t point… ) later replaced the official micro-blog share code, with sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent, every little share something all right, also be a way to attract spiders. read more

Zhu Weikun shared an important idea love Shanghai weight

read a content, it is easy to see improved, we can refer to the author’s friend Xu Guoxiang wrote "love sea flow determines the weight of" love of Shanghai, which has decided that the digital divide it flow love Shanghai weight, the weight level will tell you.

, a Shanghai love what is the use of

! in the sea?

so, I write so much, but returned to you just learning Shanghai dragon started, we have been mentioned, the main keywords may have difficulty, so how are we going to do? You should choose long tail keywords to do, these rankings are long tail keywords, and the index is not high, it is easy to do. If you use. read more

Examples to share a month where classified information PR from 0 to 3 of the process

! !The content of

specific domain name will not say, because it involves advertising tentatively faded, but I still want to choose their own name after that, because since the local information network, so the local Pinyin domain name will definitely not, the city pinyin is short, chose Larry, and through the analysis of tool domain registrar, found that their choice of贵族宝贝 domain name is not registered, really happy, nature priority registered the domain name贵族宝贝!

then to enrich the local content of the information network, in order to make your web site information as far as possible in a short time is rich, the author is the beginning of the acquisition, the acquisition is completely manual collection, and carefully selected in the local community, and for the appropriate pseudo original, in the premise of maintaining the real information the! At the same time I also through various offline channels, local DM advertisers, to collect the original information, improve the quality of web content, the content of the construction, has been adhering to the principle of it, that is, to ensure the information accuracy and authenticity! In this concept of the business, in the website within two weeks, the content page has more than more than 1000 pages, included more than more than 800 read more

Forty eight days do share the love experience home Shanghai District

: the last word, there will always return the key method to use. Hope for the novice webmaster friends help, also hope webmaster friends exchange or exchange Links.

The original

concluded: after love Shanghai included, do not happy too early, the update will be done every day, not on the original height of the original artifacts, in essence is not much. As for the selection of keywords, new sites should not be too fire, but also not too cold door, specific to Shanghai should love tricks to check, weigh. read more

Web content is still in the webmaster but no traceEnterprise and Tianjin krypton depth cooperation

enterprise management is the largest enterprise service platform in China, providing quality and cheap services for enterprises, and enterprises gathering hundreds of enterprise services to meet all the needs of all industries and enterprises. At the same time, enterprises have enterprise consultants, standing in the enterprise’s point of view, the lack of professional companies to provide professional guidance. Moreover, as a third party platform, enterprises not only check all kinds of enterprise services, but also supervise the funds read more

On the night of individual stationmaster love Shanghai right down again included

The first

although I don’t know much about how to do the Shanghai dragon, but read many articles about Shanghai dragon, also seen many site was suddenly right down, the first point is, don’t panic, don’t see be right down, to modify some of the site’s title, keywords, etc… it is possible to directly you K out, because at that time my website is updated after the article, I have been kept about 10 articles every day, and today has been included, at this time not to increase included, but to reduce, not love Shanghai system problems is itself, of course, to find their own problems, looking for love in Shanghai not so. read more

Win network Links not Shanghai dragon tools


webmasters exchange Links purpose is to exchange traffic; such as shopping sites and shopping exchange forum Links goal is to get the promotion of mutual benefit, the webmaster want shopping site visitors in addition to shopping, also can communicate with friends into the shopping forum; such as dress collocation sites and clothing stores shop website Links, its purpose is the owners hope that visitors see clothing collocation site, also can enter the store to buy; we have a mutually beneficial nature of advertising, we have a mutual cooperation flow; most famous visible sites also have to do so. read more

The new line of Shanghai Longfeng optimization tutorial series preparation article

for a new station, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is necessary, because it can be accelerated by the search engine in terms of speed, a lot of examples prove that the new sites do after optimization and on-line to speed up the collection of speed is very obvious. However, in what is now Shanghai Longfeng optimization, many webmaster to establish a new station, the first time to run, and then slowly modify other. In fact, for the best presentation to the search engine is very negative, but good luck on the day included, then the site changes, which will cause the search engine to review your site collected and delete by most is that the case is. So for a new character, we should how to minimize the adverse effects of this? It is actually very simple, as long as the attention of rhythm control, the processing of the first handle on the line again, all the trouble is not trouble. Today the author to optimize three years experience to share with you the new processing line to do preparatory work of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of a series of steps. read more

When love Shanghai seek to change the webmaster should how to change thinking

I know a lot of friends sigh, how should I do website, look at love Shanghai not included, not for ranking, so why not in accordance with the most stringent requirements of their own way, how much every day, every day how much do the chain, how much effort every day, then the time accumulated down, there must be fruit production the idea here is not to cheat oriented, but their broader make a website, and even some websites. It is an old saying, Shanghai dragon the most bitter is to insist, who is still in the middle of the night outside the chain, who is in the middle of the night to update the article, which is one of the most difficult part of the Shanghai dragon. read more

The long tail keywords selection strategy

mining is mainly used to long tail keywords I love Shanghai promotion tools inside the target word search keyword planner. For example, we are talking about the "long tail keywords", here is my planner by keyword dig out words, here I through the layers of screening, the selection is more suitable for the long tail keywords, as can be seen, I chose the words daily search volume in 5 the left and right, the word is too difficult to optimize go with the.

competition optimization figure read more