Web site is K as a webmaster to insist on not to give up

, that is, last Wednesday, in the webmaster forum to see many webmaster said Thursday, Baidu to big update, then did not care much, although it is picture station. But I obey the rules, no cheating, no brush flow, buy traffic and things like that, the filing information is complete.

the morning wake up to see a statistical anomaly, immediately in the Baidu search under www.524pin.com and www.46vcd.cn two stood dumbfounded, full of blank. Suddenly a cold sweat…

mood that is a depressing ah, steadfast do stand, do not collect all hand add articles, did not do anything similar to Baidu disrespectful places, why suddenly say K on K?. read more

Website test certificate big action in the end who is qualified

sites are still only a short while ago, we serve many users, from the beginning of 2009, a shares triggered by China Mobile’s "pornography" campaign has spread to the internet. The administration of the Internet, issued by the Ministry of state in 2005, has been implemented. The face of "would rather kill one thousand, can not let go of a" network cleaning action, many owners for their website is legal is still quite vague, we do a little note, I hope you can help


everybody manages the website that take care of, strictly speaking all is illegal. According to the "measures" the management of the Internet twenty-sixth provisions, most of our webmaster is to be punished! But because of network management mechanism is not strict, so the state has always been a close one eye! But some criminals once spoiler, government out of management also can hardly be avoided. read more

Talking about and sharing my experience as a University Forum

recently made a campus website, summarize and organize the relevant experience today, so the so-called "spend some time, prompted by a sudden impulse" to write an article, hope to be able to communicate with you to get new webmaster friends support. Chinese University huge number, number of people, according to the different survey data show that the domestic ideological exchange of a large part of their local university BBS, which fully shows the importance of the university campus forum, and a good university. How to build? I according to their own experience and experience, all previously collected information about to write this post, hope to be able to communicate. read more

With all the beauty and the United Wowo nternet plus hotel self help too difficult

tonight (June 5th), and announced Wowo people AP (Hongkong) Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "summit") signed the merger agreement, the two sides will set up a hotel Internet company, the new company named "all the United States, Wowo headquartered in Hongkong.

According to the

protocol to Wowo people AP shareholder payment 741422780 common shares and $30 million in cash, as the price to the shareholders for the acquisition of people AP people AP all issued shares in. At the same time, Xu Maodong, chairman of the nest, has an additional $40 million worth of common stock at a price of $10 per US Depository (1 US depositary shares equal to 18 common shares). read more

See how promote Effiliation earn 100 of the day


after last year’s my site is mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, inevitably affected, less income, so this year I thought this small station should be how to support the family. All right, go to the water for a while, see what good money ideas, always feel that now their thinking is too narrow, and want to open up their own ideas. See a member to send his effiliation Asia promotion alliance collection map, scared me, one day a hundred dollars, originally from Europe effiliation Asia alliance to promote, just as the Google to promote the Firefox, promote a member has 15 pieces of income, good high ah, Ethiopia handed the Commission is also high. read more

Talking about website operation experience from the story of hot and sour powder lady

SEO recently Ningbo Xiao Xu saw a very funny red body, specifically is this: "one day I took the notebook in the outdoors, we sat down to modify the page code, when a beggar sitting next to me, I saw him dress is not dirty, didn’t mind. Look at his pity, so he threw 1 coins to him. He may think that business is not good, so he was talking to me, the last time he left to say: your < /b> /strong> tag for < now, although the effect is the same, but < /strong> the inside of the key words is very important meaning to tell the engine of the · · · · · · read more

4 factors that can not be ignored in the development of industry websites

in the electronic commerce comprehensive website development bottleneck on the occasion, some successful industry websites such as China chemical network projections to the Internet, a new development direction, but before enter the industry website, need to understand the dynamic development of the industry and industry. As the industry website – responsible for network equipment manufacturing industry, analysis of the development of regular website, recently heard some training Professor e-commerce experts, have the following ideas on the development of the industry Web site, hoping to get the industry criticism, share the progress of read more

A brief talk on the operation of China Blog

as the Shenzhou bokee.com webmaster, three years, we walked all the way, as one of the country’s largest grassroots BSP, our firm from the beginning of the road to Web2.0, from oblog3.0 to SupeSite and X-Space systems are combined, it is experienced from the grassroots team groundless talk, to grassroots users. Walk on non profit model.


bokee.com based on the Inner Mongolia based blog, through continuous improvement, the final completion of the current Shenzhou bokee.com station, with more than three years, has a professional team to maintain the blog website operation, can guarantee the normal function of blog membership here, China now has a blog system upgrade, I hope you will support China bokee.com here, often around, give me work advice. Shenzhou bokee.com Alexa into the highest ranked ten thousand within the rankings, visited more than 5 million independent IP home, PV amounted to 40 million, more than forty thousand registered members, more than 160 thousand blog service platform, our customer service QQ:285671785. read more

Comment Baidu news source system to cancel the bow to the new media is the inevitable outcome of the


to cancel the news source message system was released, it caused quite a stir, traditional media, small website owners and people from the media can be said that some people worry about joy, this worry is the traditional owners and small webmaster, joy is the nature of people from the media, since the media is a new thing. Baidu, cancel the old system of acceptance of new things, is the inevitable result of the development of the times.  

, what’s the news source system,


(news source system) read more

Classified information network generalization

            a few days ago just had a classified information network www.0454xx.cn, classified information network is the first time I do, you want some promotion methods, do not know what effect, but over a period of time will know.

            found a lot of information on newspapers and some websites and posted them on the website. I think the real thing that can retain people or content, as long as the content is true, can give people the information you want, this site will certainly be able to develop. read more