Valiant has no record of doing anything other than GIPEX

first_imgDear Editor,Wesley Kirton displays naiveté when he writes that the PPP should not protest the GIPEX and instead seek a speaking role at the event. Is Mr Kirton aware that he is asking the PPP to participate in an event that is tainted by the appearance of corruption? Attendance by the PPP will give legitimacy to an event set to rake in millions of US dollars from the local treasury and others by way of exorbitant delegate and exhibitor fees (US$ 2000-12000).The lucrative exclusive ‘rights’ to host the Official Guyana International Petroleum Business Summit and Exhibition (GIPEX-2019) have been granted to Valiant Business Media. Communications about GIPEX are handled by Alena Trotman, who is listed as the company’s Business Development Officer. With 600 delegates and 200 plus exhibitors, this London-based company is set to earn US$3.5 million from this single event.Valiant is represented by Shariq AbdulHai, who purports to be the ‘Managing’ Director. He, in fact, is the only Director. Valiant has assets of US$364,000 and debt of US$96,000. Valiant has no record of doing anything other than GIPEX.Valiant was formerly known as Brazen London Limited and has no record of business activity in its one month of existence before the name change. Is Valiant a shell company now activated to give legitimacy of a ‘London-based’ title to nepotism and corruption?When one adds the fact that Ms Alena Trotman is the daughter of Raphael Trotman, Hon Minister of Natural Resources, and that Valiant has no other business of note and the acquisition of the exclusive rights was without use of the tender process, then, attendance by any person or entity can be seen as an act of collusion with corrupt actors.Unless plausible explanations are offered and evidence of Valiant’s merit is provided, this event can be seen as nothing more than another attempt to gyp the Guyanese coffers. GYP-EX.Respectfully,Robin Singhlast_img

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