How to manage hair salon to attract repeat customers

salon, whether independent shop, or franchise, are sufficient to know how to operate, in order to achieve long-term development, businesses must be based on the market, from the fundamental interests of consumers, provide better service for them, realize the fundamental purpose, gather more back off for a long time to return the. How to manage hair salon to attract repeat customers?

1, service environment

customers into the store on the first impression of the salon is the store environment, because the customer to the hair salon is not just to enjoy the hairdressing project, but also hope to get physical and mental relaxation. So, the environment is clean and beautiful, service is in place, it is of vital importance in the eyes of consumers, once a little careless ignore the customer’s feelings, let the customer feel dissatisfied, will bring bad effects to the hair salon. The salon in the decoration, according to the majority of customers to enjoy the level of design to meet the aesthetic environment of mass store, whether it is the background music and lighting design is to bring customers a warm and comfortable experience.

2, service personnel

under normal circumstances, the communication between people are very focused on the first impression. Therefore, when the customer has just entered the store, we will be a hairdresser in time to give customers a good first impression, otherwise it will let customers next time will not come to the store to consume, thus causing the phenomenon of loss of customers. Therefore, we must pay attention to training in the hairdresser’s management, whether it is from the hairdresser’s image quality or ability to communicate to a full range of training, let the hairdresser cultivation on their own all aspects should be paid attention to, in order to bring good impression to customers.

3, to meet customer needs

salon, really want to retain customers, in addition to provide the customers with good service environment and friendly service, how to meet the needs of customers is more important, if can not meet the needs of customers, even if the store environment is good, and excellent customer service technical hairdresser, not getting what you want is the next time don’t choose this store to do hairdressing. So, how can we solve this problem?

to communicate with customers, understand the customer’s real ideas and needs, and then according to these customers to recommend their own hairstyle and products. Of course, in the hairdresser’s technology is also crucial, which is why many customers into the store will choose to pay the cost of the main reason for the service. Customer satisfaction, customer retention is not a problem.

4, pay attention to service details

details determine success or failure, this sentence, although we all say, but can really do and how many recommend

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