Star shop in the end do not earn Jay Chou in Beijing opened a restaurant business hot

star restaurants abound, but the popularity is very different. Of course, the advantages of the Star shop is obvious, a large group of fans is the store’s loyal consumers, which also to some extent to ensure the store’s fiery business.

sideline countless Jay Chou this time the restaurant opened in Beijing. March 29th, opened in a mall in Chaoyang District. Small school in the opening second days to join a lively, when the arrival of the ticket to the point of 11, diners have been lined up in the afternoon……

now star restaurant is not what happens, the business is good and bad. They like the food and beverage industry, the reason is very simple, because the number of fans of the star itself is huge, it will bring some traffic to the restaurant and catering, the threshold is low, do not need too much professional knowledge, so the star restaurant seems to be a natural thing.

The restaurant is successful to the number of Jackie Chan

the restaurant business as an art to the number of Jeff Chang. Shanghai newly opened the "three thousand yuan", if not the door "diet studio" to remind, its elegant decoration will make you mistaken for architectural art.

back up to the number of Quan Ren restaurant, Quan Ren first restaurant, the first month on the money, third months began queuing, a row of 15 years.

plainly, shop and entertainment, no good works, the so-called fame is temporary.

"actually really make a lot of money for the Star shop is very few, most of them just to look at the restaurant as a simple way of investment, coupled with the usual star entertainment, dinner, to open their own shop more convenient between the parties and their contact feelings, this is one of the reasons why they like to open the restaurant." Insiders analysis.

1 shop reasons

is too expensive, unpalatable, poor service

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