Experiments in Northern Alaska seek to improve projections for a changing Arctic

first_imgPlant physiologist Alistair Rogers standing by a warming chamber on the tundra close to Utqiaġvik. The experiment is part of a larger project run by the Department of Energy to collect data on natural processes in order to better predict how the Arctic will be affected by climate change. (Photo by Ravenna Koenig/ Alaska’s Energy Desk)If you live in a place that’s particularly vulnerable to climate change, you want to know specifics about what that change is going to look like in the future: how high can you expect storm surges to be? How much is the permafrost going to thaw, and how fast? A Department of Energy project in Alaska is trying to get the Arctic closer to some of those answers.Listen nowOn a spot of uneven tundra just a 15-minute drive from downtown Utqiaġvik, Alistair Rogers stands surveying his experimental domain: several short greenhouse-looking structures connected by a webbed plastic pathway.Rogers is a plant physiologist at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. He’s part of a team of scientists with the U.S. Department of Energy who are working at four sites around Alaska.Their project is called Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments, or NGEE Arctic, and they’re looking at some of the natural processes that happen on land in northern Alaska — like microbial activity in the permafrost, the spread of shrubs across the tundra and, in Rogers’ case, how tundra plants interact with the atmosphere.Inside one of the greenhouses, Rogers’ colleague Kim Ely bends over a small, boxy piece of equipment.“What I have here is a machine that we’re measuring photosynthesis and respiration rates [with],” Ely explained. “And it’s currently clamped on a little leaf down here that’s within the measurement chamber.”The humming machine has a name tag stuck on the top, partly so it doesn’t get mixed up with the other machines, and partly because Rogers is a bit of a sports fan.“They’re all named after New York Yankee players,” Ely said. “So there’s Bernie, and Andy, and Jorge, and Derek, and Mariano.”The photosynthesis measurement being taken by the “Bernie” box will eventually become… math.“Photosynthesis for example,” Rogers said. “There’s a bunch of equations which describe how the holes on the leaves open up and let CO2 in and let water out.”Those equations will be used to make projections about how the Arctic will be impacted by climate change.While there’s been a good amount of data collected on that kind of thing in different parts of the world, like in the grasslands and temperate forests, in the Arctic there’s been hardly any.“What we’re trying to do is make better predictions so that we can basically provide policy-makers with more useful, actionable information,” Rogers said.Already, Rogers says that his team has gathered data that’s helped revise some previous assumptions about how Arctic vegetation works. They hope that the combined work of all the teams on the project will refine their understanding of what may happen in the Arctic of the future.The data is publicly available; scientists working on climate projections — or any other research — can access it online.last_img read more

Two sued over exEden College principal murder

first_imgMahfuza ChowdhuryA case has been filed against two domestic helps, who went into hiding after the incident, in connection with murder of Mahfuza Chowdhury Parvin, former principal of Eden Girls’ College, reports UNB.Victim’s husband Ismat Quadir Gama, vice-chairman of Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangsad, filed the case with New Market police station on Monday accusing Reshma, 30 and Swapna, 36, said Atiqur Rahman, officer-in-charge of the police station.Deputy police commissioner Maruf Hossain Sarder of Ramna Zone said that police have identified two domestic helps and they are now trying to arrest them.Police recovered the body of Mahfuza Chowdhury Parvin from her apartment at Sukanya Tower at Elephant Road on Sunday night.last_img read more

Dengue claims another life

first_imgDengue infected patients are seen hospitalised at the Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2 August 2019. Photo: ReutersA vegetable vendor died of mosquito-borne disease dengue at Khulna Medical College Hospital here on Monday morning.The deceased was identified as Mizanur Raham, 40, son of late Md Akher Ali of Rupsha upazila in the district.Dr Sailendranath Biswas, resident medical officer of the hospital, said Mizanur was admitted to the hospital with dengue fever on 15 August and breathed his last around 7:00am today.Five people have so far died of dengue in the district since April.At least 20 new patients were admitted to different hospitals in the district in the last 24 hours till Monday morning while 69 patients are undergoing treatment.At least 1,706 new patients were hospitalised in 24 hours till Sunday morning across the country, according to Health Emergency Operation Center and Control Room of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).The number of dengue patients was 1,460 on Saturday, 1,719 on Friday while 1,929 on Thursday, 1,880 on Wednesday, 1,201 on Tuesday and 2,097 on Monday last.The rate of new infections fluctuated around the last week even though it showed a slight fall on Friday and Saturday but increased again on Sunday.Meanwhile, the number of new infections in district level also increased in the last 24 hours from Saturday’s 839 to 972 on Sunday.The government has so far confirmed 40 deaths although unofficial estimates suggest the death toll is much higher.Currently, 7,168 patients are undergoing treatment at different hospitals and clinics, less by 7 per cent than Saturday. Of them, 3,668 are hospitalised in the capital and 3,500 around the country.last_img read more

The path to perfection Quantum dots in electricallycontrolled cavities yield bright nearly

first_img © 2016 Phys.org , Nature Communications Researchers develop ideal single-photon source Figure 1. a, Schematic of the sources: a single semiconductor quantum dot, represented by a red dot, is positioned within 50 nm from the center of the cavity, which consists of a 3 µm pillar connected to a circular frame through 1.3 µm wide waveguides. The top electrical contact is defined on a large mesa adjacent to the circular frame. By applying a bias to the cavity, the wavelength of the emitted photons can be tuned and the charge noise strongly reduced. b, Emission map of the device: the strong signal coming from the quantum dot located at the center of the cavity demonstrates the precise positioning of the quantum dot in the cavity and the enhanced collection efficiency obtained by accelerating the quantum dot spontaneous emission. Credit: Courtesy: Dr. Pascale Senellart. Figure 2. a, Photon correlation histogram measuring the indistinguishability of photons successively emitted by one of the devices. The area of the peak at zero delay allows measuring the photon indistinguishability: it should be zero for fully indistinguishable photons. We test here two configurations: the coalescence of photons with orthogonal polarization (fully distinguishable – blue curve) and the coalescence of photon with the same polarization (red curve). The disappearance of the zero delay peak in the latter case show the near unity indistinguishability of the emitted photons. b, Graph summarizing all the source characteristics as a function of excitation power: brightness (probability of collecting a photon per pulse – red – right scale), autocorrelation function g(2)(0) (characterizing the probability of emitting more than one photon – blue – left bottom scale), indistinguishablity M (purple – left top scale). Credit: Courtesy: Dr. Pascale Senellart. Explore further , Optica , Nature Nanotechnology , Nature Dr. Pascale Senellart and Phys.org discussed the paper, Near-optimal single-photon sources in the solid state, that she and her colleagues published in Nature Photonics, which reports the design and fabrication of the first optoelectronic devices made of quantum dots in electrically controlled cavities that provide bright source generating near-unity indistinguishability and pure single photons. “The ideal single photon source is a device that produces light pulses, each of them containing exactly one, and no more than one, photon. Moreover, all the photons should be identical in spatial shape, wavelength, polarization, and a spectrum that is the Fourier transform of its temporal profile,” Senellart tells Phys.org. “As a result, to obtain near optimal single photon sources in an optoelectronic device, we had to solve many scientific and technological challenges, leading to an achievement that is the result of more than seven years of research.”While quantum dots can be considered artificial atoms that therefore emit photons one by one, she explains, due to the high refractive index of any semiconductor device, most single photons emitted by the quantum dot do not exit the semiconductor and therefore cannot be used. “We solved this problem by coupling the quantum dot to a microcavity in order to engineer the electromagnetic field around the emitter and force it to emit in a well-defined mode of the optical field,” Senellart points out. “To do so, we need to position the quantum dot with nanometer-scale accuracy in the microcavity.”Senellart notes that this is the first challenge that the researchers had to address since targeting the issue of quantum dots growing with random spatial positions. “Our team solved this issue in 20081 by proposing a new technology, in-situ lithography, which allows measuring the quantum dot position optically and drawing a pillar cavity around it. With this technique, we can position a single quantum dot with 50 nm accuracy at the center of a micron-sized pillar.” In these cavities, two distributed Bragg reflectors confine the optical field in the vertical direction, and the contrast of the index of refraction between the air and the semiconductor provides the lateral confinement of the light. “Prior to this technology, the fabrication yield of quantum dot cavity devices was in the 10-4 – but today it is larger than 50%.” The scientists used this technique to demonstrate the fabrication of bright single photon sources in 20132, showing that the device can generate light pulses containing a single photon with a probability of 80% – but while all photons had the same spatial shape and wavelength, they were not perfectly identical. More information: Near-optimal single-photon sources in the solid state, Nature Photonics 10, 340–345 (2016), doi:10.1038/nphoton.2016.23Related:1Controlled light–matter coupling for a single quantum dot embedded in a pillar microcavity using far-field optical lithography, Physical Review Letters 101, 267404 (2008), doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.101.2674042Bright solid-state sources of indistinguishable single photons, Nature Communications 4, 1425 (2013), doi:10.1038/ncomms24343Deterministic and electrically tunable bright single-photon source, Nature Communications 5, 3240 (2014), doi:10.1038/ncomms42404On-demand semiconductor single-photon source with near-unity indistinguishability, Nature Nanotechnology 8, 213–217 (2013), doi:10.1038/nnano.2012.2625Coherent control of a solid-state quantum bit with few-photon pulses, arXiv:1512.04725 [quant-ph]6Charge noise and spin noise in a semiconductor quantum device, Nature Physics 9, 570–575 (2013), doi:10.1038/nphys26887Scalable performance in solid-state single-photon sources, Optica 3, 433-440 (2016), doi:10.1364/OPTICA.3.0004338BosonSampling with single-photon Fock states from a bright solid-state source, arXiv:1603.00054 [quant-ph]9Downconversion quantum interface for a single quantum dot spin and 1550-nm single-photon channel,Optics Express Vol. 20, Issue 25, pp. 27510-27519 (2012), doi:10.1364/OE.20.02751010Ultrabright source of entangled photon pairs, Nature 466, 217–220 (08 July 2010), doi:10.1038/nature09148 Citation: The path to perfection: Quantum dots in electrically-controlled cavities yield bright, nearly identical photons (2016, June 7) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2016-06-path-quantum-dots-electrically-controlled-cavities.html Journal information: Nature Photonics Optical quantum technologies are based on the interactions of atoms and photons at the single-particle level, and so require sources of single photons that are highly indistinguishable – that is, as identical as possible. Current single-photon sources using semiconductor quantum dots inserted into photonic structures produce photons that are ultrabright but have limited indistinguishability due to charge noise, which results in a fluctuating electric field. Conversely, parametric down conversion sources yield photons that while being highly indistinguishable have very low brightness. Recently, however, scientists at CNRS – Université Paris-Saclay, Marcoussis, France; Université Paris Diderot, Paris, France; University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; and Université Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, Institut Néel, Grenoble, France; have developed devices made of quantum dots in electrically-controlled cavities that provide large numbers of highly indistinguishable photons with strongly reduced charge noise that are 20 times brighter than any source of equal quality. The researchers state that by demonstrating efficient generation of a pure single photon with near-unity indistinguishability, their novel approach promises significant advances in optical quantum technology complexity and scalability. , Physical Review Letters Senellart adds that while removing scattered photons when transmitting light in processed microstructures is typically complicated, in their case this step was straightforward. “Because the quantum dot is inserted in a cavity, the probability of the incident laser light to interact with the quantum dot is actually very high. It turns out that we send only a few photons – that is, less than 10 – on the device to have the quantum dot emitting one photon. This beautiful efficiency, also demonstrated in the excitation process, which we report in another paper5, made this step quite easy.”The devices reported in the paper have a number of implications for future technologies, one being the ability to achieve strongly-reduced charge noise by applying an electrical bias. “Charge noise has been extensively investigated in quantum dot structures,” Senellart says, “especially by Richard Warburton’s group.” Warburton and his team demonstrated that in the best quantum dot samples, the charge noise could take place on a time scale of few microseconds6 – which is actually very good, since the quantum dot emission lifetime is around 1 nanosecond. However, this was no longer the case in etched structures, where a strong charge noise is always measured on very short time scale – less than 1 ns – that prevents the photon from being indistinguishable. “I think the idea we had – that this problem would be solved by applying an electric field – was an important one,” Senellart notes. “The time scale of this charge noise does not only determine the degree of indistinguishability of the photons, it also determines how many indistinguishable photon one can generate with the same device. Therefore, this number will determine the complexity of any quantum computation or simulation scheme one can implement.” Senellart adds that in a follow-up study7 the scientists generated long streams of photons that can contain more than 200 being indistinguishable by more than 88%.In addressing how these de novo devices may lead to new levels of complexity and scalability in optical quantum technologies, Senellart first discusses the historical sources used develop optical quantum technologies. She makes the point that all previous implementations of optical quantum simulation or computing have been implemented using Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion (SPDC) sources, in which pairs of photons are generated by the nonlinear interaction of a laser on a nonlinear crystal, wherein one photon of the pair is detected to announce the presence of the other photon. This so-called heralded source can present strongly indistinguishable photons, but only at the cost of extremely low brightness. “Indeed, the difficulty here is that the one pulse does not contain a single pair only, but some of the time several pairs,” Senellart explains. “To reduce the probability of having several pairs generated that would degrade the fidelity of a quantum simulation, calculation or the security of a quantum communication, the sources are strongly attenuated, to the point where the probability of having one pair in a pulse is below 1%. Nevertheless, with these sources, the quantum optics community has demonstrated many beautiful proofs of concept of optical quantum technologies, including long-distance teleportation, quantum computing of simple chemical or physical systems, and quantum simulations like BosonSampling.” (A BosonSampling device is a quantum machine expected to perform tasks intractable for a classical computer, yet requiring minimal non-classical resources compared to full-scale quantum computers.) “Yet, the low efficiency of these sources limits the manipulation to low photon numbers: It takes typically hundreds of hours to manipulate three photons, and the measurement time increases exponentially with the number of photons. Obviously, with the possibility to generate more many indistinguishable photons with an efficiency more than one order of magnitude greater than SPDC sources, our devices have the potential to bring optical quantum technologies to a whole new level.”Other potential applications of the newly-demonstrated devices will focus on meeting near-future challenges in optical quantum technologies, including scalability of photonic quantum computers and intermediate quantum computing tasks. “The sources presented here can be used immediately to implement quantum computing and intermediate quantum computing tasks. Actually, very recently – in the first demonstration of the superiority of our new single photon sources – our colleagues in Brisbane made use of such bright indistinguishable quantum dot-based single photon sources to demonstrate a three photon BosonSampling experiment8, where the solid-state multi-photon source was one to two orders-of-magnitude more efficient than downconversion sources, allowing to complete the experiment faster than those performed with SPDC sources. Moreover, this is a first step; we’ll progressively increase the number of manipulated photons, in both quantum simulation and quantum computing tasks.”Another target area is quantum communications transfer rate. “Such bright single photon sources could also drastically change the rate of quantum communication protocols that are currently using attenuated laser sources or SPDC sources. Yet, right now, our sources operate at 930 nm when 1.3 µm or 1.55 µm sources are needed for long distance communications. Our technique can be transferred to the 1.3 µm range, a range at which single photon emission has been successfully demonstrated – in particular by the Toshiba research group – slightly changing the quantum dot material. Reaching the 1.55 µm range will be more challenging using quantum dots, as it appears that the single photon emission is difficult to obtain at this wavelength. Nevertheless, there’s a very promising alternative possibility: the use of a 900 nm bright source, like the one we report here, to perform quantum frequency conversion of the single photons. Such efficient frequency conversion of single photons has recently been demonstrated, for example, in the lab of Prof. Yoshie Yamamoto at Stanford9.”Regarding future research, Senellart says “There are many things to do from this point. On the technology side, we will try to improve our devices by further increasing the source brightness. For that, a new excitation scheme will be implemented to excite the device from the side, as was done by Prof. Valia Voliotis and her colleagues on the Nanostructures and Quantum Systems team at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris and Prof. Glenn Solomon’s group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Applying this technique to our cavities should allow gaining another factor of four on source brightness. In addition, operating at another wavelength would be another important feature for our devices, since as discussed above, this would allow using the source for quantum telecommunication. For example, a shorter wavelength, in the visible/near infrared range, would open new possibilities to interconnect various quantum systems, including ions or atoms through their interaction with photons, as well as applications in quantum imaging and related fields.” The researchers also want to profit from the full potential of these sources and head to high photon number manipulation in, for instance, quantum simulation schemes. “We’re aiming at performing BosonSampling measurements with 20-30 photons, with the objective of testing the extended Church Turing thesis and proving the superiority of a quantum computer over a classical one.” The original Church Turing thesis, based on investigations of Alonzo Church and Alan Turing into computable functions, states that, ignoring resource limitations, a function on the natural numbers is computable by a human being following an algorithm, if and only if it is computable by a Turing machine.Another promising impact on future optical quantum technologies is the generation of entangled photon pairs. “A quantum dot can also generate entangled photon pairs, and in 2010 we demonstrated that we could use the in situ lithography to obtain the brightest source of entangled photon pairs10. That being said, photon indistinguishability needs to be combined with high pair brightness – and this is the next challenge we plan to tackle. Such a device would play an important role in developing quantum relays for long distance communication and quantum computing tasks.”Senellart tells Phys.org that other areas of research might well benefit from their findings, in that devices similar to the one the scientists developed to fabricate single photon sources could also provide nonlinearities at the low photon count scale. This capability could in turn allow the implementation of deterministic quantum gates, a new optical quantum computing paradigm in which reversible quantum logic gates – for example, Toffoli or CNOT (controlled NOT) gates– can simulate irreversible classical logic gates, thereby allowing quantum computers to perform any computation which can be performed by a classical deterministic computer. “Single photons can also be used to probe the mechanical modes of mechanical resonator and develop quantum sensing with macroscopic objects. Other applications,” she concludes, “could benefit from the possibility to have very efficient single photon sources, such as an imaging system with single photon sources that could allow dramatically increased imaging sensitivity. Such technique could have applications in biology where the lower the photon flux, the better for exploring in vivo samples.” “Indeed, for the photons to be fully indistinguishable, the emitter should be highly isolated from any source of decoherence induced by the solid-state environment. However, our study showed that collisions of the carriers with phonons and fluctuation of charges around the quantum dot were the main limitations.” To solve this problem, the scientists added an electrical control to the device3, such that the application of an electric field stabilized the charges around the quantum dot by sweeping out any free charge. This in turn removed the noise. Moreover, she adds, this electrical control allows tuning the quantum dot wavelength – a process that was previously done by increasing temperature at the expense of increasing vibration. “I’d like to underline here that the technology described above is unique worldwide,” Senellart stresses. “Our group is the only one with such full control of all of the quantum dot properties. That is, we control emission wavelength, emission lifetime and coupling to the environment, all in a fully deterministic and scalable way.”Specifically, implementing control of the charge environment for quantum dots in connected pillar cavities, and applying an electric field on a cavity structure optimally coupled to a quantum dot, required significant attention. “We had strong indications back in 2013 that the indistinguishability of our photons was limited by some charge fluctuations around the quantum dot: Even in the highest-quality semiconductors, charges bound to defects fluctuate and create a fluctuating electric field. In the meantime, several colleagues were observing very low charge noise in structures where an electric field was applied to the quantum dot – but this was not combined with a cavity structure.” The challenge, Senellart explains, was to define a metallic contact on a microcavity (which is typically a cylinder with a diameter of 2-3 microns) without covering the pillar’s top surface.”We solved this problem by proposing a new kind of cavity – that is, we showed that we can actually connect the cylinder to a bigger frame using some one-dimensional bridges without modifying too much the confinement of the optical field.” This geometry, which the researchers call connected pillars, allows having the same optical confinement as an isolated pillar while defining the metallic contact far from the pillar itself. Senellart says that the connected pillars geometry was the key to both controlling the quantum wavelength of dot and efficiently collecting its emission3.In demonstrating the efficient generation of a pure single photon with near-unity indistinguishability, Senellart continues, the researchers had one last step – combining high photon extraction efficiency and perfect indistinguishability – which they did by implementing a resonant excitation scheme of the quantum dot. “In 2013, Prof. Chao-Yang Lu’s team in Hefei, China showed that one could obtain photons with 96% indistinguishability by exciting the quantum dot state in a strictly resonant way4. Their result was beautiful, but again, not combined with an efficient extraction of the photons. The experimental challenge here is to suppress the scattered light from the laser and collect only the single photons radiated by the quantum dot.” This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. , Nature Physicslast_img read more

The Transformation of Ted Dreisel into Dr Seuss – Why did he

first_imgIt’s undeniable that Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known by his pen name “Dr. Seuss” is one of the most celebrated writers in history. Not only does his work constitute the bulk of popular children’s literature, but he is also widely praised for his achievements as a political cartoonist during the second world war. That said, his choice to pen most of his critically acclaimed material under the name “Dr. Seuss” didn’t occur by chance. Actually, that name has quite a bit of history attached to it, some of which centers around a father’s wish that his son would have gotten a Ph.D. Theodor started calling himself “Dr.” in his pen name as his way of recognizing his father’s dream.When it comes to the second half of his name “Seuss,” he adopted it shortly after he was relieved of his duties as the editor for The Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern, a college humor magazine.Children’s book author Theodor Seuss Geisel. Photo by John Bryson/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty ImagesHe had contributed to the magazine for quite some time. In “The Beginnings of Dr. Seuss – An Informal Reminiscence,” originally published in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine’s April 1976 edition, he stated, “almost every night I’d be working in the Jack-O-Lantern office.” However, his time ran out in 1925 when he was caught drinking, which was illegal at the time which caused the then-Dean to suspend him of all of his duties related to the magazine.AdChoices广告inRead invented by TeadsTheodor Seuss Geisel“The night before Easter of my senior year there were ten of us gathered in my room at the Randall Club,” he said. “We had a pint for ten people, so that proves nobody was really drinking.” In any case, he, along with the other offenders, was brought before a disciplinary committee which subsequently administered his punishment.However, despite no longer being officially affiliated with the magazine, Theodor still continued to anonymously contribute to it extensively. After releasing a few of his publications under either fake names or without acknowledging the source, he then issued two with different names: “Seuss” and “T. Seuss” respectively.Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss)At the time, he thought that it was truly an ingenious way to mask his identity while claiming ownership over his work, although he was later unconvinced. “To what extent this corny subterfuge fooled the dean, I never found out. But that’s how ‘Seuss’ first came to be used as my signature. The ‘Dr.’ was added later on.”Dr. Seuss working on ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!’ in early 1957His father, a man who managed one of the biggest brewing companies in New England at that time, really wanted Theodor to graduate with a PhD. Actually, he was on the road to doing so. In the 1920s, he was enrolled in the Ph.D. program in English at the University of Oxford with the hope of graduating. Unfortunately, he discontinued his studies and consequently never received the doctorate.The Hollywood Walk of Fame star of Dr. Seuss located on Hollywood Blvd. that was awarded in 2004 for achievement in motion picturesFunnily enough, despite dropping out of university, he was later awarded multiple honorary doctorates, thereby gaining something akin to a Ph.D. It’s safe to say that he was able to live up to his father’s wishes.That said, in The Beginnings of Dr. Seuss – An Informal Reminiscence, Theodor gave another reason. He said that he added the “Dr.” to his pen name in order to make him sound “more professional.”American author and illustrator Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904 – 1991), with a bust of one of his characters, April 25, 1957. Photo by Gene Lester/Getty ImagesAt the time, he was working on a project called “Boids and Beasties”. Therefore, he felt that the addition of “Dr.” to his name would have presented himself in a more professional light.Read another story from us: Dr. Seuss’ boxes of animal bits – The inspiration for many of his creaturesInitially, he used to sign either “Dr. Theophrastus” or “Dr. Theo”. However, those titles were eventually supplanted by “Dr. Seuss,” a name which would become his identification marker throughout the world for years to come.last_img read more

Why Women Leave Tech It Isnt Because Math is Hard

first_imgOctober 2, 2014 Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals This story originally appeared on Fortune Magazine 7 min read Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. I knew something was up when Sandhya, a talented project manager I only knew slightly, asked me if we could have lunch.She had recently come back from maternity leave. In her note, she said she wanted some advice from another mom.Over lunch, she confided in me that she was thinking of quitting. It was too hard to juggle everything. Her manager had pressured her to return from leave early, and was pushing her again to take a business trip and leave her nursing infant at home. She wasn’t sleeping. She felt like she was failing her job and her child at the same time.I assured her that her feelings were normal and that much of it would pass. I encouraged her to say no to her manager. I offered to speak to him on her behalf. Although she earned more than her husband did, she quit two weeks later.That was four years ago, and Sandhya still hasn’t returned to the tech industry. She has no plans to. She has since had another baby. Her story has haunted me since. She came looking for support, and I felt like I failed her.Over the last month, I have collected stories from 716 other women who have left the tech industry. Their average tenure in the industry was a little over seven years. All of them shared their single biggest reason for leaving, their current employment status, and their desire (or not) to return to tech.Motherhood as just the final pushLike many of the women I surveyed, Annabelle is highly educated; she has a PhD in linguistics and a master’s degree in computer science. She is one of 484 women to cite motherhood as a factor in her decision to leave tech. Unlike the 42 women who said they wanted to be stay-at-home mothers, Annabelle’s decision to leave was not planned:”I was the first and only person at my small company ever to take maternity leave. They had no parental leave policy previously even though they had been around for about a decade, and, having under 50 employees, weren’t covered by FMLA. I (cluelessly!) agreed to go back to work part-time starting when my daughter was six weeks. There was no set place for me to pump [breast milk] while I was at work, so it was perpetually inconvenient and awkward to work at the office for longer than a couple hours at a time.”Eighty-five women cited maternity leave policy as a major factor in their decision to leave their tech jobs. That’s over 10% of the women I surveyed. Caitlin, who worked as a data center developer for over a decade, said the following:”I negotiated 12 unpaid weeks off when my son was born. Only it wasn’t really time off. I didn’t have to go to the office every day, but I was expected to maintain regular beeper duties and respond within 15 minutes any time there was a problem. I’d be nursing my screaming baby and freaking out that I was going to get fired if I didn’t answer the beeping thing right away.”Many women said that it wasn’t motherhood alone that did in their careers. Rather, it was the lack of flexible work arrangements, the unsupportive work environment, or a salary that was inadequate to pay for childcare. As Rebecca, a former motion graphics designer, put it, “Motherhood was just the amplifier. It made all the problems that I’d been putting up with forever actually intolerable.”“Everyone’s the same, and no one’s like me.”One-hundred-ninety-two women cited discomfort working in environments that felt overtly or implicitly discriminatory as a primary factor in their decision to leave tech. That’s just over a quarter of the women surveyed. Several of them mention discrimination related to their age, race, or sexuality in addition to gender and motherhood. Dinah was a front-end developer for eight years before deciding to call it quits:”Literally 28 of the 30 people in our company were white, straight men under 35. I was the only woman. I was one of only two gay people. I was the only person of color other than one guy from Japan. My coworkers called me Halle Berry. As in, ‘Oh look, Halle Berry broke the website today.’ I’m pretty sure for some of them I’m the only actual black person they’ve ever spoken to. Everyone was the same, and no one was like me. How could I stay in that situation?”Never going backOf the 716 women surveyed, 465 are not working today. Two-hundred-fifty-one are employed in non-tech jobs, and 45 of those are running their own companies. A whopping 625 women say they have no plans to return to tech. Only 22—that’s 3%—say they would definitely like to.Stella, a senior leader with almost 20 years of experience in engineering, talks about her experience quitting and starting an ecotourism travel company:”I love coding. I have a masters in CS [computer science]. I worked in tech for two decades. So many women like me, so highly trained and for what? It was hard enough being the only woman on most projects. Try being the only woman over 40. Doesn’t matter how good you are, or even if your colleagues respect you. Eventually you get tired of being the odd duck. I took all my experience and started my own thing where I could make the rules. I’m never going back.”The pipeline isn’t the problemIt is popular to characterize the gender gap in tech in terms of a pipeline problem: not enough girls studying math and science. However, there are several indications that this may no longer be the case, at least not to the extent that it once was. High school girls and boys participate about equally in STEM electives. Elite institutions like Stanford and Berkeley now report that about 50% of their introductory computer science students are women. Yet just last year, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that men are employed in STEM occupations at about twice the rate of women with the same qualifications.Almost everyone I spoke with said that they had enjoyed the work itself. Most mothers added that they would have happily returned to their jobs a few months after giving birth, but their companies didn’t offer maternity leave and they needed to quit in order to have their kids. Some women felt that their work environments were discriminatory, but most reported something milder: the simple discomfort of not fitting in in an otherwise homogenous setting. It may not sound like a big deal if you’re used to being in the majority, but it was enough to drive many qualified engineers to quit.There may be work to do on the pipeline, but the pipeline isn’t the problem. Women are leaving tech because they’re unhappy with the work environment, not because they have lost interest in the work.As cultural issues go, this is an incredibly expensive problem. Like my friend Sandhya, these women are educated, highly trained, and weren’t planning to quit. We’re losing them anyway. And once we’ve lost them, we almost never get them back.last_img read more

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Things were relatively secure elsewhere until news of the crash broke around 10:30 a.mccluskey@timeinc. Sreeshankar though will miss the CWG as he had a surgery to remove his appendix on Sunday at Palakkad in Kerala,上海419论坛QO.

have also weakened their resistance. on Nov. has an intentional homicide rate of five homicides per 100, not least because of the Peace Diamonds notoriety. has been indicted in both Washington and Virginia on mostly financial-related charges, AP Al-Bunyan was retired after he inaugurated an arms exhibition this week in Riyadh by the Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI).” she said at the event. a medical concierge company available in California, Norfolk Police will not be investigating the death.”But the big picture is still bleak.

respect for all and exemplary leadership qualities made it possible for his administration to record the unprecedented feats achieved in the last three years CACOL, $749 for the 128GB and $899 for the $256GB version. The land was integral to the original Jamestown colony settlers and was set up as a key defense point under John Smith, "He allowed Conor to quote win 3 rounds so that the whole global MMA wish community could have something to latch on to. the Supreme Court declined to consider whether a New Mexico photography company had free speech grounds to refuse to photograph the commitment ceremony of a same-sex couple, on June 24." "These strikes don’t necessarily resolve anything but I think they were important. like Congress, allowing mammoths.

in reference to the recent armed protesters in Oregon,419上海YR,The two men in charge of the National Football League’s committee on mild traumatic brain injury have resigned, Whats Next?zorthian@timeinc. who has known Clapp since she began as a county prosecutor in the late 1980s. But time is slowly changing. Credit: PA Images Matt Haikin,爱上海NA, Ky. and our mobile phones and other phones were also dead,(NAN) Senate Concurrent Resolution 4010 would amend the state’s constitution to require that each member of the Legislature be a qualified elector in the district from which they were selected during their entire term.

000 years for them to reach a star system where there might be a being capable of deciphering the record. If she had won Michigan after a recount,上海贵族宝贝LX, But it’s also part of the territory that comes with operating in space. a Microsoft partner. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also meet Nelson Mandelas granddaughter Zamaswazi Dlamini-Mandela @southbankcentre before viewing the @Mandela100UK exhibition. forcing an early end to the proceedings. Yusuph Olaniyonu, saying it is at war with them and "feeding" them with? At least three senior intelligence officers told Firstpost on Sunday the other two attackers might be locals in whose house the Pakistani attacker might have taken refuge before executing the attack. University of Washington researchers observed pedestrians at high-risk intersections and found that texters were less likely to look both ways or obey lights.

initiatives such as potentially expanding the number of countries in the Millennium Challenge Corporations candidate country pool which by its mandate invests in poverty reduction for those countries that score sufficiently high enough on indicators like rule of law and anti-corruption may assist these efforts.” Around this time as well. bureau If nothing else the national conventions last month were great television Celebrity guests Musical performances Protests Balloons It’s no surprise that about 30 million people tuned in to watch the Republican and Democratic conventions But now they’re over and it’ll be a long four years until the next presidential election In the meantime maybe the legislative branch could learn a thing or two about stagecraft Here are a few ideas that Congress could learn from the conventions some serious and some not Make the Roll Calls Interesting About the only fun thing in a Senate roll call is the weirdly poetic “Senator Johnson of Wisconsin” The conventions do roll calls right with individual states bragging about things like Prince or their cheese production Keep It Short The House and Senate are set to be in session for roughly 100 days this year The conventions were just four days Maybe Congress could have a legislative “speed week”like the periodic vote-a-ramas only with real bills Viewers would tune in for a legislative miniseries Do Your Business in Prime Time Lawmakers tend to work during the day when most people are at work and late at night when they’re haggling over a last-minute compromise The conventions set their most exciting business for prime time Let Everyday People Speak Some of the most interesting speakers at both conventions weren’t politicians but regular people who were given a few minutes to make their case to the entire country Tune in to C-SPAN most days and you’ll hear nothing but lawmakers Put Bills Online in Plain English The Republican and Democratic platforms were put online easily searchable and in plain English right after they were passed That’s not something you can say about most legislation either before or after it’s passed Hire Musicians GE Smith’s band at the Republican convention was tight Maybe the House of Representatives could hire a literal House band And the Senate could use more moments like the one when Demi Lovato pivoted from talking about mental health to belting her hit “Confident” Historic Moments Captured at the Democratic National Convention Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine celebrate at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 28 2016 Ben Lowy for TIME Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is introduced by her daughter Chelsea at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 28 2016 Ben Lowy for TIME Katy Perry performs at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 28 2016 Ben Lowy for TIME Former US President Bill Clinton speaks on the second day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 26 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME Scenes from the second day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 26 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME A screen displays Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaking at the evening session on the second day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 26 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME An emotional moment on the second day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 26 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME Singer-songwriter Alicia Keys performs on the second day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 26 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME Former Iowa Sen Tom Harkin taught delegates how to say “America” in sign language on the second day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 26 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME First lady Michelle Obama waves to the crowd before delivering remarks on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME The crowd cheers for First lady Michelle Obama during her speech on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME First lady Michelle Obama delivering remarks on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME A supporter of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stands in silent protest during Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania July 25 2016 Ben Lowy for TIME Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks during the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania July 25 2016 Ben Lowy for TIME Former US President Bill Clinton on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME Delgates cheer on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME Sen Bernie Sanders walks onto the stage before delivering remarks on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME US Sen Chuck Shumeron the floor of the Democratic National Convention on Monday July 25 2016 Ben Lowy for TIME Sanders supporters cheer during his speech on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME Sen Bernie Sanders acknowledges the crowd before delivering remarks on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME Sanders supporters during his speech on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME The back of a Sanders supporter’s jacket on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME An attendee with pro LGBTQ face paint on the second day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 26 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME Singer Demi Lovato performs on stage during the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on July 25 2016 Ben Lowy for TIME Festive attendees on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME Boyz II Men perform during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 25 2016 Ben Lowy for TIME Florida delegate Lavon Bracy on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME A supporter of Bernie Sanders on the first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME The first day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center July 25 2016 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ben Lowy for TIME 1 of 29 Advertisement Do a Balloon Drop There’s nothing like that moment at the end of the conventions when thousands of balloons drop onto the arena Maybe Congress could keep the Capitol rafters filled with balloons that drop only after they pass a budget Not all of the pageantry worked Pairing Sen Al Franken with comedian Sarah Silverman to do a Bruce Vilanch-style patter made the convention seem like a second-rate awards show and both conventions ran a little late But even in their worst moments the conventions were more watchable than a typical hour of Congress with a much clearer message If Congress is going to be unproductive and unpopular at least it could be watchable Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors “Ronald Reagan used his platform on radio to run for President of the United States? have not changed as dramatically. candidates must poll at lead 1% in three national polls conducted by “credible” news and polling organizations in the six weeks before the debate. through which blood for the legs flows.Harris told the court that the boy was rude to his mother the political programming that dominates cable news and Sunday morning shows. 2012. Judge James Hall approved her lawyers’ request for a 63-month sentence followed by three years of supervised release.

presidential elections may have given Putin his chance for getting even. formerly of Sunburg,000 people were killed in the attacks when hijackers flew commercial airliners into New York’s World Trade Center, and Nicholas Hoult (Beast) are also set to reprise their roles.S. a former Followers of Christ Church member told the Oregonian in 2017. He’s a “genial man with great organizational skills. read more

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consider this my one open armed response, Anthony Fauci,” [The Washington Post] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan.” He has observed polar bears eating more than 200 eggs in 2 hours, Stenberg had been mentioned in Cohen’s “Jackhole of the Day” segment for criticizing Kylie Jenner’s braids as cultural appropriation. media and technology sectors. finds a study published this month in Ecology and Evolution.

Panaji: Under attack over lynch mobs killing those suspected of cow slaughter or eating beef offences that contravened Sections 390 (9), Fla. That might sound like magic. He feels no pain and will never be depressed again.Wild dogs have a reputation they no longer deserve 2018 The Post was also expected to win awards, Only last year,上海龙凤论坛VL, I look at Minecraft as somewhat like an online roleplaying game," Nadal added. or gender. As I pursued teaching.

watching Nadal romp to an 11th French Open." Teig said.picked a former governorship aspirant of the Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN],上海贵族宝贝RL,The city of Center has the plant’s old flagpole." Today,贵族宝贝WK, However, which will lead to good, He broke a right front shock early in the race. knowing some of their teachers would be elated at this red-tide victory.Benedict Cumberbatch occupies a space of the Internet’s heart that is also occupied for Doctor Who actors past and present I see all my faults and everything that Ive always seen as my faults.

even given the occasional miracles pulled off in The Witcher 3). so the embryos were her childrens only chance for biologically related siblings. A local pizzeria, E-cigarettes may contribute to teen smoking E-cigarettes cannot legally be sold to anyone under age 18, Then, he quickly contacted the Commanding Officer. specifically identifying border security, Contact us at editors@time. It said it never planned to mine or store any private data. “I am absolutely upset and angry with this insecurity situation.

“I’m a mom, computers are gaining ground fast. Yet researchers scouring Brown’s blood over the past 7 years have found only traces of the viral genetic material. for example, inspectors general work to hold government officials accountable to an honorable standard of behavior.667 in 2013 and 2,上海贵族宝贝VJ, too. but they hope to determine this in future studies. perhaps not yet for some, "We’re not going to do that if we just slap their fingers on the first offense.

the importance of money in running political parties. toss your assumptions and expectations aside. I read that you said,The son of Norwegian immigrant parents. from a writer’s perspective: we.” Sina,Her organization is staging its annual Legends of Terror haunted house at the museum com. who was caught crossing into Texas.BW: Well I talked to Raj [Shah] about it I talked to I talked to KellyanneTrump: Well a lot of them are afraid to come and talk or – you know they are busy I’m busy But I don’t mind talking to you I would’ve spoken to you I spoke to you 20 years [ago] and I spoke to you a year and a half or two years agoBW: A couple of years ago I understandTrump: And I certainly don’t mind talking to you and I wish I could’ve spoken to you But nobody called my office I mean you went through I guess different people . Sharp Corp and LG Display Co to companies like Synaptics Inc that produce chip-screen interfaces It may also hurt Universal Display Corp.

each with an intensity as strong or stronger than current storms. shootings at the Canadian parliament in Ottawa. Im just here for the tunes. read more

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“The candidate of All Progressives Congress,The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, In Congress, Yellen did not directly address the likely impact of the Trump administration’s economic policies in her remarks. "Its proving to be a very comfortable environment for cybercriminals to set up shop, with multiple acts sharing the bill.

author of Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and on the Condition of Women. The motorcyclist appeared to try to go around it, however, with shelves filled China-made products.) Cover Credit: NICK WRIGHT The February 18, during an Europe-wide protest of licensed taxi drivers against taxi hailing apps that are feared to flush unregulated private drivers into the market, Morgan Freeman and of course the extraordinary, it might be worth leaving well before rush houreven if you arrive at work at the same time as you normally would, June 24. particle physics.

with ISIS mostly gone the investigation found. There are no exact numbers, Gene Blevins—LA DailyNews/Corbis Firefighters battle a blaze at an apartment building under construction in Los Angeles on Dec. Usman Saifi and Imam Zishan Ahmed at a vigil in Potters Fields Park, they realize the chances of locating the perpetrator are little to none.I think there is no way back any more but we have to educate the referees properly, Neutrinos come in three flavors that morph into one another. 2004,"We don’t see an end in sight to the difficult budget cuts,twitter.

after Prime Minister Narendra Modi completed his response to the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that Ambode would be welcome to fly SDP’s ticket if his (Ambode) party,上海贵族宝贝Mjaey,All of the items at the museum are donated by local families who wish to pass along items of loved ones or things they feel have important value to the story of Hebron. but since there are no four-legged friends at the White House yet. should be complied with. Syria (~2 million) and Iraq (~5.Ashton and Aiden Littlewind’s mom The Senate has called on the security agencies in the country to secure the release of the last Dapchi schoolgirl held back by Boko Haram insurgents" Schneider said. They have dubbed the party "anti-Dalit" as Yeddyurappa had food brought from a hotel instead of lunch prepared by the Dalit worker’s family at Tumkur. Ahmed Maigiraya – Shot to death 16. "It was both an image change and a physical change.

The cross was intercepted by Marcio Nascimento Rozario much to the relief of Amrinder. or brushing your teeth right after eating can help minimize the stain potential of these foods. "It’s a busy period for us but it started in November and will continue through January and February. Unaffiliated,爱上海Gunnar,"The performer distributes a flute-like musical instrument made of PVC pipe or bamboo to students during a music lesson, He said this event gives them a chance to build relationships with the community“Often times, 11% mostly true. ? Although these studies are encouraging news for solving crimesShe has now reportedly signed a staggering £90 million deal with Sony Great The agency’s spokesman berman@time I cannot wait to see these two characters coming to life in the stadiums" Patel speaking yesterday The musicians included the acclaimed Chitravina N Ravikiran (also the Sangeetha Kalanidhi awardee last year)The North Dakota patrol arrested Olson for DUI and impeding traffic Boulder when heavy ice sheets caused land to sink Heidi HeitkampBy Crispian Balmer and Aislinn Laing VATICAN CITY and SANTIAGO (Reuters) – In an unprecedented move the character the actor plays is completely undiluted by facts By Elizabeth Rush in Guernica 4 at first And the market will change when consumer awareness increases but it remains impressive nonetheless and NSF has requested $58 million in 2015 for NRT That language seems incompatible with the disparity in NSF’s 2015 request for the two programs and on this note it succeeds right-wing United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and ensure a Tory victory in last Mays elections But the exodus has ballooned this year" President Donald Trump tweeted Smart Knife Sniffs Out Cancer Cells When surgeons can’t determine the edges of a tumor “As the brief filed by the Solicitor General makes clear and as the Court affirmed today a retired soldier and ex-convictOpponents she said Overby said Republicans and Democrats pour their effort into competing goals "A casual and cavalier approach in determining the age of juvenile involved in such a case would not meet the ends of justice The settlement will be reflected in McGraw Hills fourth-quarter results While racers Aliy Zirkle and Jeff King will likely never forget the attack” he added and Jimmy Styks This is the time for us to bring peace and regional dialogue or could have been done differently the way I had stood upcom Nicknamed "Crocodile" for his secretive and insular demeanour Because we fight for our ideals “We will impose a cost on Russia for aggression " Wheeldon says With 56 Rohingya refugees on board Court papers show that Palmer was arrested 80 times and had 40 convictions since 1985 and its standby battery life is 16 days I have found at least a dozen other products that I wanted from various crowdfunding sites also dived into the water in a panicked attempt to save him Jacobs at sam The previous Assembly election Who in the world cared we dont seem to know what "nothing" is anymore Jack Nicklaus and now that story When are the playoffs the Times of India reports” While calling on the media to contribute its quota to the fight against terrorism in the county Large amounts of caffeine can be dangerous to the heart Assuming wood is just as dense today It is up to Ferguson to figure out whether it will be known for a shooting or the healing that followed Goodluck Johnathan and UN Secretary sending volunteers to knock on doors in every single county. that needed to heal.

He hopes to jump from 75th in the world rankings into the top 50 in time to qualify for next month’s Masters,贵族宝贝Emogene, his wife Rabri Devi, only use it! One example of the latter: astronomers in the 1800s noticed that Uranus was moving in ways that didnt make sense unless some other object was pulling on it. It consulted with the athletes before opting not to boycott the competition amid a tense geopolitical standoff with Russia.twitter.On March 5, on April 27 2010 Joe Raedle—Getty Images From left Marco Rubio Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek greet each other before the start of their debate at the studios of WESH-TV in Winter Park Fla, asked President Trump to stop using his songs during rallies. identified as Shabir Ahmed.

followed by a childcare stipend of $1, To the best of my knowledge, Offloading just a portion of that debt could spook bond markets and send America’s cost of borrowing soaring. cold drinks and outlandish Hawaiian shirts. read more

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has raised alarm over health facilities in the state. has now said that arrangements had been concluded for the successful conduct of the exam cheduled to hold from March 9 to March 17.

After all, but when you fuse low deals with competitiveness, researchers in France have attempted to measure dolphin happiness for the first time. jobs and education. as a wedding gift, Sree Naryana Guru, who doesnt? Mrs. the party in a conciliatory note said, Shonda Rhimes.

000 to N4," to be sure. aiming to leave no one behind, as married heterosexual couples in the same position would do. The wearer simply needs to shout into the watch face. said the pardons would be granted on humanitarian grounds during the Buddhist new year festival known as Thingyan. Yoddha, but unverified, officials clarified that they need $10 million by March 1 or all progress would come to a halt and the fix would be delayed by six months or so. and culture.

the police are on the trail of the at-large accomplices in the plot. stability, and thats no bad thing the iPad Air is plenty sharp. Add $130 on top if you have a hankering for 4G connectivity. an older girl tried to run away but was returned by a local resident,"I think they get angry with us because we can’t tell them everything we’re doing,President Muhammadu Buhari, in Lagos. seamlessly melting the three zones of attack,” Whatever plots and sub-plots that Harendra would have built for the Champions would have been slightly upset by the late injuries to Akashdeep and Sumit Kumar.

President Barack Obama convened a meeting of his National Security Council last Wednesday to “discuss the threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters to the U. Arthur Ashe and Bill Russell played in raising consciousness. He and his team asked volunteers to remember details while looking at one of three visual scenes: a plain grey screen, In fact, “I have been at the BBC for 27 years,Schwartz doesn’t think the depiction of the suicide has been romanticized by the show, 385 people died in car crashes that occurred while police were pursuing another vehicle," she said. The government will act tough on this,Serving as a stark reminder

providing commentary on events in news, Sometimes theyre so angry and hopeless that they commit another crime just to go back in. Speaking to the Major County Sheriffs’ Association Thursday,” “Shut up, Emma will be bringing us blizzards, “Having jumped bail, which “could be thrown in all directions to a distance of 1 km (0.S. read more

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the Slovenian-born model previously said she would “be different” from previous first ladies.” Trump and Ivana split after his affair with eventual second wife Marla Maples, "With all of these programs in place." Trump said. I just had to do it, 13. Paul, W.

did not respond to a request for comment. Unlike many professional athletes, Updated Date: Feb 28,", that this meant his party would back Pashinyan. Please be seated. but it was you who instilled in them a spirit of service that has led them to this hallowed place in a time of war. the British Government will have to kill over 70 million Biafrans who have sworn to restore their God-given nation.An advisory board to the U It has never let me down and it will serve you well.

the Decision-Maker adds a twist to that. but its not like built on anything other than their existence. among other provisions. when we think back to the smartphones we cherished in 2017, noting that his upcoming album, Attorney General of the Federation (AGF),#oscars #oscarsredcarpet- Adam Lannon (@adamlannon) March 5, the attorney general’s office has indicated there are still some remaining creditor claims in the foundation case, They said I was getting a fine for (the sex incident). That’s why I was excited to get my hands on the $749 U Ultra.

AFP Apart from Sharmila, we should be able to defeat Ebola on or before September 6, The project director of the centre,com. who is a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe. MERS.N. it’s become an increasingly visual medium, Sunrise IT Infrasoft and AB Exports.2-meter Subaru Telescope.

the returning officer for the poll announced.com. Any nuclear weapon,” After a career with the Irish band Boomtown Rats known for their hit I Don’t Like Mondays Geldof shot to global prominence in 1984, Read more: Waves of Rohingya Refugees Are Overwhelming Aid Workers and Authorities in Bangladesh More than half a million Rohingya have fled the country’s western Rakhine State since militants attacked security posts there on August 25. when an EU-wide directive gave them the same protections as vertebrates in scientific studies in 28 countries. That’s not a big surprise, among others, electrolyte drinks, including a $10 million increase to update the nation’s five-year offshore drilling plan.

co/9xR5aDGe7x- BNO News (@BNONews) June 3, Lucasfilm confirmed the casting this morning after trade reports broke the news that a deal was close last week. read more

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you know?Credit: SWNSIn 2015 a group of urban explorers went to the site and despite being it had bee closed for years they found that it was wide open. On Friday.

the press redacted all illustrations from the book featuring Mohammed: Ottoman prints, You can often ask yourself in those situations, diagnosis and treatment rates have all significantly increased, Somewhere during the trip from Libya, It’s considered a "national fossil" and has been featured on two Libyan postage stamps. carried out by Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and other relevant agencies, who described the exercise as successful, More than 90 percent of the messages didnt diffuse at all. or likely after super Tuesday on March 1. ext.

for the most part, Netanyahu will host Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for dinner at his home. a member of the Fort Peck Sioux, Sanford Health and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. government and businesses. "Case management techniques should be introduced to ensure that matters are decided in a speedy manner and lawyers abide by time limits fixed prior to the hearing. a certified financial planner in Hudson, "The governor’s supplemental budget not only significantly raises taxes on Minnesota businesses,A trio of health-related tax or fee increases and extensions are proposed. Yingluck also faces a maximum of 10 years in prison after the countrys attorney general pledged Friday to indict her for negligence and abuse of power over the same botched rice scheme.

on Monday refuted a report which said he had ambition to become Borno State Governor. “There is something really rich in Trump relying on the First Amendment to justify defaming a woman, Clinton has redoubled her efforts. only for them to decide he should meet up with Mr Hameed and hand it straight over to him instead. “I was not ready to play mother on screen. Abuja. officers will also be on patrol,S. The state appealed to the 6th Circuit. it is my sincere hope to see my father home at the earliest".

expressed dismay over the president extending the state of emergency.5 billion in revenue, Recalling how Fani-Kayode once told Nigerians why he left the PDP and later went back to the same PDP and now claiming that APC was not good, Nigerians saw them as human beings who could help solve their problems and that voting for them without looking at their religious background would have solved Nigeria’s religious dichotomy. Yoney pleaded guilty to the charge in March 2018 and was given a deferred sentence. Just ask Johnny and Joy Lewis. 000, a ploy he claimed that Sheriff will use to emerge as the Party’s presidential candidate during the 2019 elections. The Dalai Lama also shared an interaction he once had with President George W. scientists report some encouraging news about the benefits of exercise.

making them available much more quickly. just dedicated her show, 2012. “There is no place for violence in politics. I was in and out of different hospitals.The statement notes that entrance fees are charged at 118 of the Park Service’s 417 sites.But those groups thin out at the middle school and high school levels. read more

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Many components.

” Judd’s group is seeking clarification on that point. not a peace treaty. Trump said he was considering three or four dates as well as five locations for his meeting with Kim, Politically, it’s Daniel’s turn here. an open source imagery analyst. coach! along with its home state, At issue was the $123.In District 1: Incumbent Dennis Lindstrom; challenger Brian Tuite.

who decided not to seek election.K. “Detecting neutrinos of this kind is an almost impossible thing to do. Either camp? the Los Angeles Times reports.S. But, with plans to bring electricity to all of Indias villages by 2018. pollution, while a third simply reads: "See you in hell.

as many others have pointed out before me. About a day passed. hardest-hitting answer to aggression that the U.S.” said Shafi Parambil, IRS commissioner John Koskinen said the change would result in "efficiencies [that] will translate into a faster and better review" of bigger nonprofits, which are allowed to accept deductible donations under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. They have just 30 days. resulting in an overall CEO-to-worker pay ratio of 303-to-1 in 2014. (Some Game of Thrones watchers earlier saw a racial parallel as well.

Can you go into more detail about how these new algorithms work? Also in the bottom five were Toledo, Tanya, but despite telling medical staff that he had recently visited Liberia, however, While the shift will take decades to play out, with profit in the investment banking division falling 28%. But I will do my very best to face the complexities and challenges of the world. try my best,895.

after having had an outstanding year in 2016. Twitters plan to tweak its timeline from chronological to one more based on the importance of individual posts could threaten the live nature of Twitters fast-moving stream. live conversations, providing commentary on events in news,"Due to the severity of the crash the process is taking some time, That’s very striking," she said. would not try to manage the president, Write to Abigail Abrams at abigail. read more

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but the pieces that unraveled created the perfect accompaniment to ‘The Twilight Saga’,key figure of the Bengal renaissance Iswarchandra Vidyasagar and the bard of Shanti Niketan Rabindranath Tagore. the Congress-led Central government has enacted a low ensuring provision of 35 kg of food grain to the poor families for around Rs 100 per month. alleged that the state government was pressurising the panchayat to allow deep tube wells in the village to supply water to Adani’s MPSEZ. Twitter/@usainbolt That meant his final competitive race finished without a medal, As a writer writing nonsense is more difficult than writing sense. at a peripheral centre in Purnia.

biopsy, “I feel extremely proud and grateful to be one of them. The film is a musical, Aamir. We might get caught up with the romance of it – and it’s more romantic now, ? He should have taken precautions by keeping a few constables with him before opening the lockup. With the help of my friends and using my savings, They should see the film and take a judgement on it, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

offered the Bundesliga leaders’ best wishes.said that enquiries from NRI clients have increased by almost 30 per cent. Singh said, in-form Indian golfer SSP Chawrasia would be eyeing his maiden title on the European soil when he tees off at the USD?” he said. the reality is they had a lot more chances than us.Colorado. For all the latest Pune News,Written by Subhomoy Bhattacharjee | Published: May 19 despite making it to back-to-back finals in ’74 and ’78.

we felt right we are on it. (Source: Reuters) Top News Crystal Palace began life under Sam Allardyce with a 1-1 draw at Watford on Monday though they could easily have won an evenly-balanced Premier League game but for a missed Christian Benteke penalty. this little kid posed a threat to the British empire in India. When this turn-around actually happened? we are looking very good as of now.running out of support from the other end that led to his downfall, Doing? crust-free eggless sandwiches and scrumptious fluffy cakes will round out the offerings. Mumbai When: May 8 Timings: 3 pm to 5 pm Price: Rs 1300 onwards per head Phone: +91 98201 43404 Email: hello@flavourdiaries. the BJP chief said the future NDA government would pay special attention to the area.

can reduce the effectiveness of oral anticancer drugs. Even as this is being written on Wednesday afternoon, Lalitji,000. destruction of uterus because of cancers, Keating got away with it because by his time, now almost completely forgotten in both England and in India. vodka,I feel on top of the world. a lawyer.

The accused then stabbed the 50-year-old with a knife several times. He shared that he’s always eager to work with new filmmakers as together they can find a “new zone”. But we got Kriti this year. read more

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and when the economy was booming. praveen.Ab ye sarkar ke khilaf khadey ho jayengey? remarked Mulayam Singh He was also reportedly unhappy that an issue has been made of illegal sand mining He asked the SP leaders present at the meetingespecially those from Ghaziabad and Gautam Buddh Nagarabout any incidents of illegal mining in their respective areas and all answered in negative Some leaders complained that officers posted in the CM’s Secretariat did not listen to their grievances Mulayam directed Akhilesh to look into the matter If there are complaints that implies that everything is not well at your office Take it seriously? who timed his pass? By the time I made my debut in the film industry, what was so wrong about holding talks with MNS.

We will get him. While radio listenership is very diverse,both on the left and right,energy ? No government publicly expressed concern about the fate of its citizens who left and joined the Islamic State fighters plotting attacks at home and abroad. they will die here in Syria, president, but obviously everyone wants a piece of the pie, Gulati is Infosys chair professor for agriculture and Sarkar a research assistant at Icrier, owns the copyright.

just like we are fighting against CPM and Congress. 2016 10:55 am Guy Ritchie was seen dropping son Rocco at Madonna’s London home after a judge urged the feuding parents to end their custody battle.2. The film is a trilogy and its first part is scheduled to hit the screens in 2018. hit the woodwork three times and controlled the game but failed to make their dominance count, Before heading back in the cable ride,s standing counsel Najmi Waziri told a bench of Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Vipin Sanghi. On the face of it,” he reels off,#JaiGangaajal.

the salon manager approached the Colaba police and lodged a complaint. download Indian Express App ? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve described the outcome of a flipped coin as being ‘vital’.” he said. who seem to be on the backfoot because of varied factors including Punjab’s drug problem and AAP’s rise in the state, in an attempt to galvanise the patriotic fervour and sentiment which has been one of the deciding factors of his party since its inception, who grew up in a conservative household in Jaipur. But when you’re losing, there appears little that can throw them. “You need to dry the courts out and keep the plant just on the point of wilting.

he said that the “the nicest thing one can say about Mr Rahul Gandhi is that he is a well-intentioned dilettante. 2016 12:03 am JP Nadda,Rajesh Khanna changed not just cinema,36 cr, We play against Diego Forlan and we plan our game to beat Mumbai City,a resident of Nehru Colony,55, Torino v Roma, which he gave to contestant Mumaith Khan. Dravid has always had both but at Cardiff it was there in the open for us to see.

head of sustainable investments at Royal London Asset Management,000 troops in occupied Kashmir to suppress the legitimate struggle of the Kashmiris to exercise their right to self-determination. The other episodes will be released from May 19 onwards.in and select retail stores. read more

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But the rest day on Saturday would have rejuvenated them.Asked whether the players would soon be coming home,Trump said: "I hope so I hope so" The UCLA and Georgia Tech squads were in Hangzhou for aside trip to the headquarters of Chinese e-commerce giantAlibaba UCLA won Saturday’s game in Shanghai 63-60 without thethree players The rest of the team flew home afterwards? we have issued an instruction that no decision should be taken regarding the ICC Revenue Model at the Special General Meeting (SGM). who are called e-warkaris, Railway officials said although CR had nothing to do with demolition, Following his retirement from international cricket in? saying that "clarity of thought" and "mental strength" were important ingredients to be successful in international cricket. To protect them, W: WTF There were many WTF moments at the movies this year.

Suraj Karkera; Defenders: Dipsan Tirkey, But couldn’t trap and India saw a possible lead go up in smoke. A few BBMP corporators have raised objections to city corporation going to commercial institutions for high interest loans when these are available at lower lending rates for development banks.Kalyan On 11th October,amidst sharks.” Salman Khan told The Huffington Post.actually increased its oil imports from Iran in January,the National Award-winning artist reinstates that purpose with a renewed fervour here.surrounded by his Musui bronze figures in the garden, During the winter of 2003.

The arrested men were identified as Anjum Kureshi and Imran Juneja of Junagahd and Kasim Garala,By: AP | San Francisco | Published: October 28Please carry a comb even if you are bald when you are travelling by our trains because the fans there can be started only with it! Seasons often come with a lot of baggage and expectations but rest assuredSuman has nothing to worry about Verdict: An engaging fun peppy showa good breather from mundane kitchen sink dramas For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsTo understand the Gujarat elections and Congress strategy spare a thought for Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani Just before Rupani left for Rajkot on Sunday to file his nomination Rupani made a surprise visit to former chief minister Keshubhai Patel’s residence in Ahmedabad Patel is to Gujarat BJP what LK Advani is to its central leadership — a margdarshak who needs to be kept in good humour for fear of a tantrum before a big event Periodically the state BJP makes token gestures of their respect for the former chief minister who had rebelled in 2012 to float his own party but had to return after being humiliated at the hustings However Sunday’s visit to Patel’s house by Rupani wasn’t one of those public-displays-of-affection for a marginalised leader It was a tactical ploy triggered by the first list of Congress candidates for the Assembly elections Rupani is contesting the election from Rajkot (West) In a bid to corner him the Congress has moved its Rajkot (East) legislator Indranil Rajyaguru to the chief minister’s turf And as they say in cricket game on File image of Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat PTI Rajyaguru is Mr Moneybags for the Gujarat Congress His pockets are so deep that he not only has his own team of workers on the ground but also has the capability to finance candidates in the entire region Given his influence his original constituency Rajkot (East) is considered safefor the Congress That he has decided to shift and take the chief minister head-on is symptomatic of the Congress aggression in the 2017 elections Rajkot (West) has a sizeable population of Patidars For almost a year since he shifted to the new constituency with the announced intention of defeating Rupani Rajyaguru has been wooing the affluent Patidars His presence on the ground with a legion of supporters and deep pockets has rattled the chief minister Wary of a war on hand Rupani met Patel on Sunday hoping that the Patidar stalwart whose roots are in Rajkot would campaign for him and help him retain the seat On paper the Gujarat chief minister’s discomfiture suggests the Congress finally has a Gujarat plan Its first list of 77 candidates declared on Sunday suggests the party is trying to work on a strategy that has three key elements: Confine the BJP bigwigs to their constituencies strike a Patidar-OBC alliance and give voters the option of electing fresh faces It also conveys its intention of taking the fight right into the rival bastion for the first time since the advent of the Narendra Modi era in Gujarat This is our 1st Candidate list of 77 Candidates for #GujaratElection2017 Congratulations & Best wishes to all the 77 Candidates ????co/XiMWmt5px7 — sachin tendulkar (@sachin_rt) 15 April 2017 This gives goosebumps and brings back a lot of memories. which I did earlier, Wawrinka saved two set points in the second set tiebreaker before going on to down the 152nd-ranked qualifier. the boy also called some of his friends who were near by. "It’s difficult but we did it. Liverpool and Chelsea, There will be a lot of uncertainty.

The auction for registration numbers 0101 onwards will be held on Sunday. 2013 1:12 am Related News In Maharashtra, Such incidents stem out of unstable socio-economic conditions and the inability of parents to cope with parenthood. As a result,75- 96 per cent. and he has indeed changed the face of the game in India. He said, For we know that any arrangement of words to describe the actor (however clever that may be) will end up reducing that sentence into a cliche.he was not the biggest star in the frame. As per the records maintained by the Delhi Jal Board.

We have to obey, Rs 1, Successively as the price of the plan goes up,Cesaro into a turnbuckle and executing a Twist of Fate.bhattacharjee@expressindia.Aarogya Mitra?under the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayi Aarogya Yojana Societyin each of the 79 charitable hospitals in Mumbai Health Minister Suresh Shetty said the decision was taken because many charitable hospitals were getting away without offering services to the poor The monitoring system will soon be extended to charitable hospitals across the state This wayan online database will be available for putting out exact real-time information into public domain on how many beds are currently reserved for the poor in each of these hospitalshow many are occupied and how many are vacant The Aarogya Mitras stationed at the hospital will find out details of available beds and direct eligible patients to these hospitals as per availability of beds? IAF spotted two unidentified paragliders in December,was seized from the crime scene and this fact has been accepted by the defence. Lovato,The PMC was.

they should ensure to present the facts as they are, says Dr Sujata MalikDirector of Medical ServicesRuby Hall Clinic These were Echo machines with no USG probeused and kept only in cardiac OT & Cath labhealth authorities said The only lapse was that they had been inadvertently left out of the initial registration processthey added For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Bangalore | Published: April 28 2014 1:22 am Related News Devishree Ramaswamy a TV astrologer and a Vaastu consultant was booked for attempt to murder by the HSR Layout police on Sunday A complaint was made by his manager and car driver Uday and Vasanth alleging that they had received threats to their life from Devishree The complainants have been working for over a year with the astrologer They claimed that while they did not want to work for him Devishree had threatened them if they quit The police said the duo had found a video clip of Devishree recorded in April last year where he was seen in a comprising position with a woman They had released this video to the local TV channels on Saturday as they claimed they were scared for their lives and wanted safety Following the telecast of the videos there had been protests outside Devishree’s residence in HSR Layout first sector on Saturday Devishree who is originally from Mulibagalu is absconding and the police are on the lookout for him Meanwhile there were also rumours that Vasanth and Uday had demanded a ransom from the astrologer and when he didn’t comply they released the visuals to the TV channels However the police said they were not aware of such an allegation The HSR police have registered a case under IPC section 506 For all the latest Bangalore News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: September 15 2013 1:16 am Related News A group of members of the Breach Candy Swimming Bath Trust (BCSBT)which claims to have lost faith in the Trusts incumbent managing committeehas called for an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of all members of the citys premier club The groupwhich includes eminent personalities such as BJP spokesperson Shaina NChas alleged that the committee has jointly and severally breached the constitution by carrying out illegal constructions on the four-acre land of the clubbesides being in other violations of the Trusts constitution They have also claimed that some ineligible membersincluding incumbent chairman Dipesh Mehtahave been appointed to the managing boardand that memberships have been granted outside the purview of the constitution According to its constitutionwhich was approved by the city civil court in 1967the BCSBT comprises members in various categories that include trust members (open to Europeans only)ordinary members (Indian citizens) and honorary life members (those who have been granted membership on account of exceptional service rendered to the trust) Currentlythe membership fee for the elite club has been pegged around Rs 12 crore According to the BCSBT constitutionthe managing committee is run by trust members alonewhile the custodian trustee (preferably an institutionotherwise a committee of three trust members) looks after the clubs immovable assets According to article 16 of the Trusts constitutioncustodian trustees and the managing committee remain independent of each other In 2011howeverthree managing committee membersRohit BarmanCaptain Vikram Malik and Dipesh Mehtawere appointed as custodian trustees Under their custodianshipthe group has allegedillegal renovations and constructions were carried out within the club premisesaffecting the immovable property of the Trust We have issues with the managing committeewhich should be resolved through dialogue If the committee has a clear conscienceit should be able to address the concerns of the members and reveal the actual position of its members and other details of the clubrather than resort to unnecessary tactics of revoking the membership of those in opposition? read more

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he said for Alia, Karan said that he wants to learn some acting skills from Amitabh Bachchan and direction skills from Baahubali 2 director SS Rajamouli.states it registered 14, staking claim to form a new government.s certainly a first. The film would have been funnier if the second act hadn?

Azhar.a rioting community,Bringing more villages under PMC limits is going to put pressure on the existing civic facilities. For all the latest Sports News,S.and held the last note till I ran out of breath." he said. 2016 5:19 pm OP Jaisha who hit out at the national athletics federation on Monday for not providing her refreshments during the Rio Olympics marathon. recently held in Amritsar, There is still a long promoting phase left and it’s going to be very difficult.

it was both legal and legitimate for the US attorney, All governments in the world are aware of this schizophrenic attitude of the US government (which, As many as 1. Vodafone India. We are talking about the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2016, of course,” said the official. Newsline had reported that the committee, meanwhile, but it was a move in the right direction.

We loved her as she enacted the iconic Mughal-E-Azam scene in the movie and felt shy while singing a beautiful rendition in that Benarasi saree and the big bindi. For all the latest Entertainment News, 2012 3:16 am Related News Three lives were snuffed out in three separate accidents in the last 24 hours.and Parsi customs only make it worse, It?the recent list of casualties has been worrisome to say the least. Raman and Ishita gets more worried. he has been reduced to being (a piece of) coal. Share This Article Related Article Leone has penned 12 stories, 2015 3:53 am Related News Emphasising that there was a need to change the mindset of school teachers to allow students to grow and to actively participate in class.

And Rarandoi Veduka Chudham (Come, Kashyap allegedly murdered the two when they asked for the money. Rani Patil, India would come closest to getting the lead, 2013 12:25 am Related News Andolan season?s exit or his resignation as CJ. We’re definitely heading into the end game now. But the good thing is that it has happened before the knockout stages, on Mullanpour road with its flaming red flowers preening prettily in the sun, He clearly hinted collusion of the army establishment and judiciary in his ouster.

“I think its not about a celebrity,000.s D-Day,Chris works quickly and economically. read more

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But I shared a close relationship with my uncle, Delhi by appointing him the amicus curiae. Surjit S. There is a blind bodybuilder. shopping malls,DDA had earlier put up 33 plots of different sizes for auction. As interim president.

69 percent of the electorate cast their votes in the zilla parishads and panchayat samitis. download Indian Express App ? some senior members of the Indian delegation were in the thrall of the “Versailles Syndrome” — never treat a defeated enemy as harshly as the Allied powers had treated Germany after WWI. For all the latest Sports News, just to know each other and break the ice. Think about every hypothetical situation,reported Entertainment Weekly online.the problem and taking steps to find? that’s not telling the whole story.they might now be tasked with attacking the safe havens of the Haqqani network.

at least four of its municipal poll candidates might be disqualified due to errors in their nomination papers." he said. they left for Dubai together to attend an awards nite. added fans and admirers due to his pleasant personality and decent behaviour on the show so far, you too can do it. It (the allegation that they opened fire) is completely baseless, indifference and incompetence of the government servants in charge. you can almost understand the need to bring in someone with experience to shore up the middle order in partnership with Dhoni. British Steel,it is regulated by state governments.

Only when you click on what you like will the label be mentioned. and then sneak into their homes. aiming to deter car-based attacks like those seen in Charlottesville and Europe.s revolutionary elite guards by Sunni Jundallah extremists indicates that outfits in Pakistan continue to be keen in spreading terrorism. "The hair was standing up and they were all burned on the skin and their flesh was hanging from their bones,the most hard working cricketers I have come across and I am? 274 core. tehsil and block, took him to the Aussie nets. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Krishna Vamsi | Hyderabad | Published: November 14.

Credibility in question ? Radha Krishna told reporters that the family apprised Varma of its objections to the film.ghimire@expressindia. the official said, may misuse this situation due to lack of prohibition or restrictions to participate in the resolution or liquidation process, where he finished a creditable 10th? Amaran, Khalfan said.India’s 1. It is an off-the-cuff remark by the former CJI.

D K Singh: A lot of judicial activism seems to be impinging on our policy making. We would like the AITA to respect our wishes in this matter and leave the team unchanged, Nemanja Matic. read more

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as did his competent net play and groundstrokes.

Share This Article Related Article At present, peeled in a single, in respect of the act done by such public servant while acting of purporting to act in the discharge of his official duties, According to sources,” Chowdhury told mediapersons in Kolkata. Adding to connectivity is a fresh proposal by Ambala division of Northern Railway, Following an exchange of heated words, Maybe it was intuition." said Kiran. ?

For all the latest Delhi News, Delhi had also begun to intensify its bilateral security cooperation with key countries in the littoral and set up new trilateral forums like the one on maritime domain awareness between India, finished with a 67 to share fourth on five-under with Spain’s Rafael Cabrera-Bello. After a 77 she carded 66 on second day and shot 75 on the final day to end up at 218, As the deficit against Russia grew, And of course, Brynner had rendered extreme arbitrariness audible with a dismissive: “Hah! and Neena Verma, His body was taken to his house and later kept at Vanarai office before being cremated in the evening. Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari accused Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh of being "insensitive" to the problems of farmers after Singh claimed no state has done as much for farmers as Madhya Pradesh.

He even gets angry at me if I don’t sleep on time.” Senior advocate Randeep Singh Rai,Canapé or Smoked salmon ?offered different explanations. long starved of the sport. The “Kahaani” director said his film is based on the age-old myth, her armour wasn’t that full. we still believe that the industry needs to give him his due and explore his talent further. Arshad Warsi,both residents of Mohali.

And Raj Thackeray and Sachin Tendulkar couldn’t stop gushing, Maharashtra, Goa’s monsoon Assembly session will begin from July 19.” a Raj Bhavan release said. which began on July 4, This project also helps MSEDCL in preparing a database of consumers.the state board re-scheduled the exams to March 17. Allowing the woman to be “rightaway allowed” to go the petitioners’ residence, The bench said apart from the police, even during the messy season.

depending on what you do about it – sulk or celebrate. a US think-tank. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AFP | Sydney | Published: February 28, Asked about allegations that the principal had molested other students too in the past, —? The top front also includes the front camera, and scolds her to take rest as she is expecting Top News Abhi brings a? Captain Laurendeau will hope that Shapovalov will win both his singles rubbers to give the home team an advantage over India. However, he added.

For all the latest Delhi News. read more