Womens EURO CUP 14 Finals Viborg in Debrecen Volgograd against Zajecar

On Tuesday 14 February 2012, three competitions were drawn in the EHF Headquarters, Vienna (AUT). The draw decided the fixtures that form the quarterfinals played in all three competitions.CUP WINNERS CUPByasen VS HC LeipzigRK Zajecar VS Dinamo VolgogradFTC-Rail Cargo VS Zvezda ZvenigorodViborg HK VS DVSC-Forum DebrecenCUP EHFKIF Vejen VS TSV Bayer 04 LeverkusenHBC Nimes VS Handball Club ZalauTeam Tvis Holstebro VS LadaC.B. Mar Alicante VS Maliye Milli Piyango SKCHALLENGE CUPZelina – LokomotivaBanik Most – H.A.C. Handball HC Dnepryanka Kerson – Fleury Loiret Handball Muratpasa Deletbiyesi SK – Podatkova University ← Previous Story Ristovski and Dimitrijevic VfL Gummersbach’s rescuers Next Story → Maksimov goes to History – Russia looking for a new Head Coach! read more

Torbjörn Klingvall new coach of Swedens female national team

klingvalllovgrensivertssonstefan lovgrenthomas sivertssontorbjorn klingvall After the departure of Per Johansson from the post of Sweden’s national female team coach, the new name has been presented. That is Torbjörn Klingvall. His job will be to give Sweden successfull presentation at the European Championship in Serbia in December 2012, where Sweden meets Denmark, Macedonia and France, while also preparing the team for the upcoming challenges. Co-Trainer will be Thomas Sivertsson. The general manager of the federation Stefan Lovgren said that he hopes that this is the right choice.Previously, with Sweden’s U19 men’s team, Klingvall won the Bronze at the World Cup in Argentina 2011. ← Previous Story Tatari and colleagues walk the model runway Next Story → VELUX EHF CL (Round 3): First victories for Partizan and Celje PL! read more

Hungarian derby MKB Veszprem beat PICK Szeged

11. Pécsi VSE184113468–572–1049   4. Grundfos Tatabánya KC181026481–464+1722   5. B.Braun Gyöngyös18648453–488–3516   3. Csurgói KK1914–5504–496+828   9. Ceglédi KKSE185–13475–559–8410   7. Balatonfüredi KSE186111443–488–4513   2. Pick Szeged171511574–415+15931 The biggest match of the Hungarian League took place on wednesday evening between hosts MKB Veszprém who finished first in their CL group, and guest and so far undefeated league leaders Pick Szeged. Even a one-goal victory would have been enough for the home team. Their first meeting in Szeged resulted in a big victory for Pick, but they later squandered their 2-point lead with a draw in Tatabánya. Pick’s task was close to impossible: to gain points in the Veszprém Arena where even THW Kiel were unable to. Veszprém had two missing players: Carlos Perez, who quit and left for Quatar, and pivot Oneto who suffered major injury earlier. Neither side was dominant in the first 15 minutes, both defences were tight (6-5). At around the 20th minute Chema Rodriguez and Jamali came in and Veszprém lead (8-6). In a few minutes however the guest equalized thanks to acrobatic pivot play by Zubai and a goal from Larholm. Pick Szeged tried shaking up the game with a few substitutions but they were unable to score for 6 minutes, which was immediately punished by Veszprém who enjoyed all benefits of home ground. Players of the guest team and coach László Skaliczki voiced their opinion about several strange decisions by the referees, but this only provoked a 2-minute suspension. The biggest difference of the first half came at the 30th minute (13-9).Veszprém decided the fate of the match  after a few minutes into the second half. Pick’s defence was soft, their attacks couldn’t penetrate the home side’s wall. Goals from Sulc and Prodanovic were only enough to keep the difference at 7 goals (21-14). In the remaining 20 minutes Veszprém kept their lead with Pick trying different attack variations without much success. The end result was 30-22, meaning there are no undefeated teams in the championship and Veszprém are most likely to win the regular season. Pick Szeged can try to beat their biggest domestic rival in the play-off and in the Final4 of the Hungarian Cup.Best scorers: Nagy L., Jamali (5-5), Császár (4) / Prodanovic (5), Sulc, Larholm (4-4)Text: Gábor Várkonyi, Péter ButtyMKB VESZPRÉM-PICK-SZEGED 30-22 (13-9)Veszprém, sudije: Andorka i HuckerVESZPRÉM: Fazekas, Alilovic (goalkeepers), Császár 5, Gulyás 1, Iváncsik G., Iváncsik T. 2, Jamali 5, Laluska 3, Nagy L. 5, Z. Pesic, Rodriguez 2, Schuch 2, Strannig, Sulic 2, Terzic, Ugalde 3. COACH: Carlos Ortega.SZEGED: MIKLER, PRODANOVICS 5, Ancsin 3, SULC 4, Zubai Sz. 1, Larholm4 (3), Vadkerti. Csere: Czina, Blazevic, Balogh Zs. 2, Pribanic 2,Kekezovics 1, Buday COACH: Skaliczki László.   8. Váci KSE185–13449–538–8910   6. FTC-PLER18729466–487–2116 10. Orosházi FKSE184113473–523–509 1. MKB Veszprém KC1817–1673–429+24434 MKB VeszpremPick Szeged ← Previous Story SEHA (Round 14): Metalurg wins, RK Vardar and Tatran share points Next Story → Poland: Vive Kielce with a win ahead of the Wisla Plock clash read more

Social media Guru Lewis Howes plays handball in Spain

Very interesting news coming from one of the best Spanish team – BM Ademar Leon. Social network guru and one of the most known person in the world of Sports Marketing, American Lewis Howes will practice with the Spanish team in next 12 days. His dream is to play with USA team at Olympic Games 2016 in Rio and plan to try to get experience of playing in ASOBAL, hopefully in Ademar Leon. Former American Football player has four years experience of playing handball in New York City HB.Could he helps handball in some other way?ABOUT LEWIS FROM HIS WEBSITELewis Howes, a former two sport All-American and current world record holding athlete, has graced lists such as Details Magazine’s “5 Internet Gurus Who Can Make You Rich” and Incomediary.com’s “50 Most Influential People in Blogging.” Most recently, Howes was ranked as one of Genjuice.com’s top “100 Most Desirable Mentors” along with the likes of Barack Obama, Russell Simmons and the Queen of Jordan.In just three years, Howes went from sleeping on his sister’s couch to running a seven figure business. He began his entrepreneurial career by hosting LinkedIn meetups around the country, and co-authoring the successful book LinkedWorking.He has hosted over 400 webinars, spoken to thousands at conferences and events, and educated career professionals and business owners around the world on the power of LinkedIn.Soon, Howes moved to capitalize on his passion for sports by founding The Sports Executives Association. The business features a monthly membership website for sports executives wanting to advance their career in sports and network with other top sports executives worldwide. Next, Howes focused on co-founding Inspired Marketing, which creates online education courses based on Social Media and effectively building a business online.With over 75,000 in his weekly email reach, 44,000 Twitter followers, nearly 7,000 Facebook fans, 14,000 LinkedIn connections, and approaching 500,000 views on YouTube, Howes is a familiar face in the Social Media for business landscape. In his spare time, Lewis enjoys inventing products, angel investing, CrossFit and salsa dancing.PHOTO: LEWIS HOWES ← Previous Story THW Kiel with -7 from Kolding Next Story → Legendary Bidasoa Irun is back to ASOBAL! Lewis HowesLewis Howes handballLewis Howes plays handball read more

El Jaish wins Asian Champions League for the first time

← Previous Story DANISH KEY FOR POLISH FORTRESS: Kielce defeated at home after 739 days! Next Story → Bøhn continues fights – hopes to return to coaching Hungary! One of the most ambitious teams outside Europe, Qatari El Jaish won the Asian Champions League which have been played in Doha, Qatar, in the last two weeks. In the Qatari final last year winner Al Rayyan is overthrown by El Jaish 35:27. The third place and bronze medal won All Sadd from Lebanon by beating Al Ahli from UAE 37:34. asian handballDoha handballhandball in dohaqatar hadnballQatar handballQatari handball read more

Bundesliga Round 17 HSV Hamburg defeat tired RheinNeckar Lowen in Bundesliga derby

HSV Hamburg have scored a resounding victory on Saturday by defeating the Rhein-Neckar Loewen at home with huge 38:25, and have now moved to the third position two points clear of RN Loewen which have dropped to the 5th place. THW Kiel won away at Bergischer, but are still second on the table one point away from Flensburg, but with a game in hand as well.HSV Handball: Bitter (16/1 saves); Cleverly (1/1 save) Duvnjak 8, Lindberg 8/5, Lackovic 4, Toft Hansen 4, Hens 4, Cañellas 3, Pfahl 3, Jansen 2, Flohr 1, Dominikovic 1, Nilsson, Schröder n.e., Djordjic n.e., Markovic n.e.Rhein-Neckar Löwen: Landin (9/1 saves); Stojanovic () Myrhol 8, Groetzki 4, Gensheimer 3/2, G. Guardiola 3, Ekdahl Du Rietz 2, Schmid 1, Manojlovic 1, Sigurmannsson 1, Gorbok 1, Petersson 1, Roggisch, I. Guardiola, Prodanovic n.e.Scores: Flensburg 35:28 GWD Minden, HSV Hamburg 38:25 RN Lowen, Bergischer 25:31 THW Kiel, Hannover-Burgdorf 33:24 Eisenach, Lemgo 27:24 WetzlarSTANDINGS: 5Rhein-Neckar Löwen171133516 : 435+8125 : 9 16HBW Balingen-Weilstetten172312453 : 515-627 : 27 3HSV Hamburg171313566 : 505+6127 : 7 13FA Göppingen17449499 : 499012 : 22 9TuS N-Lübbecke17728480 : 488-816 : 18 6MT Melsungen171016507 : 482+2521 : 13 18TV Emsdetten172015421 : 542-1214 : 30 bergischerBundesligahandballHSV HamburglemgomindenTHW Kielwetzlar 7SC Magdeburg17917491 : 475+1619 : 15 1SG Flensburg-Handewitt181512542 : 466+7631 : 5 17ThSV Eisenach173113443 : 531-887 : 27 4Füchse Berlin171223512 : 432+8026 : 8 11HSG Wetzlar17638437 : 437015 : 19 10TBV Lemgo16637488 : 500-1215 : 17 15TSV GWD Minden183411465 : 515-5010 : 26 2THW Kiel161402520 : 441+7928 : 4 12Bergischer HC17638491 : 502-1115 : 19 14VfL Gummersbach174211438 : 487-4910 : 24 8TSV Hannover-Burgdorf17827477 : 494-1718 : 16 ← Previous Story VELUX EHF FINAL4 to stay in Cologne until 2016 Next Story → ASOBAL (Round 15): Barcelona easily past La Rioja read more

THW Kiel wins derby in Denmark

1. THW Kiel8701240:215(25)14 THW Kiel win the derby match of the Group in Denmark over KIF Copenhagen 26:24 (13:13) and almost secured the first place two matches before the end.  “Full house” with 5.200 fans in Brondby didn’t help home players to score the goal in the last five minutes of the match (24:24), while “Zebras” have found the way to the Hvidt”s net…KIF: Hvidt (12 saves), Westphal (n.e.); Boesen, Laen (3), Jörgensen, L. Andersson (7), Spellerberg (3), Pedersen (n.e.), Hundstrup (3), Theilgaard (n.e.), Ravn (n.e.), Larsen (n.e.), Viudes (2), S. Jensen, Boldsen, Rocas (6/3); Trainer: Suman THW Kiel: Sjöstrand (4 SAVES), Palicka (8 SAVES); Toft Hansen, Sigurdsson (1), Sprenger (n.e.), Wiencek (3), Ekberg (8/3), Lauge (1), Zeitz (2), Jallouz (1), Palmarsson (n.e.), Klein (n.e.), Jicha (5), Vujin (5); Trainer: GislasonThe crucial match for the first place will be against Vive Targi Kielce on February 16…STANDINGS: 2. KS Vive Targi Kielce8503241:218(23)10 2. KIF Kolding Kobenhavn8503197:191(6)10 5. FC Porto Vitalis8206191:223(-32)4 6. Dunkerque HB Grand Littora…8107188:217(-29)2 4. Orlen Wisla Plock8404220:213(7)8 handballTHW Kiel ← Previous Story TWO MACEDONIAN TEAMS AT TOP 16: Vardar beat Minsk! Next Story → EHF CL (W): Buducnost demolish Krim, Vardar with only a point from Sweden read more

CSM Bucharest appoint new coach Dragan Djukic

Dragan Djukic is new coach of CSM Bucharest. Three defeats at the start of the new season were good enough reason for CSM Bucharest management to sack Magnus Johansson and try to find solution for a “dream-team” to become better.That solution is 56-years old Serbian coach who has no big experience of working in female handball, but very rich in men’s. Djukic led Pick Szeged, RK Vardar, Maccabi Tel Aviv, national team of Great Britain, Jordan, Macedonia, Israel, Montenegro.He worked in Romania last season in Odorhei until bankruptcy of the club. CSM BucharestDragan Djukic ← Previous Story VIDEO: Meet the Dujshebaevs Next Story → 120.000 REASONS: RK Metalurg sell Halil Jaganjac to RK Nexe Nasice read more

ExIMF mission chief Ireland needs a new jolt of growth

first_imgTHE FORMER HEAD of the International Monetary Fund’s mission to Ireland has said that Ireland needs “a new jolt of growth”.Ashoka Mody, who has previously said that the austerity-only policy for Ireland was a mistake, has said that the current economic problems in this country are linked to a lack of consumer and State spending.“I’m afraid we are already five years into the crisis and with households continuing to try to catch up with their lost wealth, they are not spending,” he told RTÉ’s Prime Time.“If the Government and households are both not spending, it’s not a surprise that the economy is not growing.”Mody said that there is “no clear end in sight” to austerity with at least two more years of it planned and said that the State needs “a new jolt of growth”.“Ireland’s growth has been very disappointing over the last 12 months or so not withstanding ups and down of an episodic nature,” he said.He warned of a there is a danger that Ireland will “go into a long term hysteresis process” from which it will not emerge easily, referring to the lagging of an effect behind its cause. In economics ‘hysteresis’ is a term commonly applied to the area of unemployment.Mody’s comments come in the context of the Budget which is planned for October 15. The two coalition parties are focusing on how much of an adjustment will be required.While many of those in Fine Gael and Ireland’s Troika bailout partners are seeking €3.1 billion in cuts and tax rises, Labour is pushing for something closer to €2.5 million.Speaking on Morning Ireland, independent TD Stephen Donnelly argued that the €3.1 billion plan exceeds the Troika target by €1.3 or €1.4 billion and argued for a billion euro less in austerity in next month’s Budget.Read: ‘Moving away from austerity is the sensible action’ – former IMF mission chiefRead: Austerity-only policy for Ireland was a mistake, admits former IMF chieflast_img read more

ACC Bank restructuring results in 180 job losses

first_imgACC BANK ANNOUNCED today that it is withdrawing from providing standard banking products, such as deposit accounts and current accounts, to focus solely on debt recovery.In a statement, they added that during 2014, the bank will close all its business centres to the public and intends to give up its banking licence.It will however continue to be a regulated entity and said it will support its customers in the agriculture sector, “given its strong heritage in this area”.  All funds on deposit with the bank will be repaid in full.Staff reductionAs part of the restructuring there will be a reduction in staff numbers of up to 180 employees. The cost reduction programme will be introduced through a voluntary-led severance programme. Currently staff levels are at approximately 470 employees.Kevin Knightly, Country Manager, said ACCBank had incurred significant losses since 2008 due to the deterioration of the Irish property market.“While costs have been cut significantly, including a substantial restructuring programme in 2009, we are heading towards a situation where, without intervention, our costs will exceed our income during 2014. This is an unsustainable position and we need to take action now,” he said.ACCBank siad it is exploring the possibility of outsourcing a small portion of its loan book, excluding agricultural loans.Under the bank’s restructuring, there will be no changes to the businesses of Rabobank Ireland plc and RaboDirect, two other operations of the Rabobank Group in Ireland, and they will continue to operate as usual with no impact on their customers or businesses as a result of this restructuring.Read: Irish company to recruit 70 engineers after winning €16m contract in Abu Dhabi>Read: Volvo slashes 2,000 jobs worldwide>last_img read more

World Press Photo exhibition coming to Dublin for first time in over

first_imgSOME OF THE best photojournalism created last year will be on display in Dublin from the end of this month.A travelling exhibition of the 2013 World Press Photo contest makes its way back to the capital for the first time in more than 20 years on 30 November.The images will be exhibited at the CHQ Building in the Docklands area of the city from 30 November to 22 December (Mon-Fri 10am-7pm; Sat 10am-6pm; Sun noon-6pm).This year’s overall winner was Paul Hansen from Sweden for his depiction of the burial of two small children in Gaza.Among the other winners were stills from Europe’s austerity demonstrations, Syria’s conflict, Central America’s gang problems and the Olympic Games in London. But it’s not just the big events – powerful glimpses of daily life are also favoured by some of the talented photographers.Split into the nine themed categories, including contemporary issues, observed portraits, staged portraits, daily life, sports action, general news, sports feature, nature and spot news, the pictures reflect global life as it was in 2012.Almost 105,000 images were submitted by 5,666 photographers from 124 countries in the 56th annual competition.last_img read more

Marks Spencer staff to strike next Saturday

first_imgUpdated 20.00pmTHE STAFF AT Marks & Spencer have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action.The strike will see the company’s 17 stores nationwide close next Saturday, 7 December, with two further days planned on 12 December and 20 December.The workers are angered by the closure of the staff pension scheme, a move they were opposed to.SIPTU said this evening that members employed in M&S have voted in favour of industrial action by 97.5 per cent to 2.5 per cent in favour of strike action.The union represents approximately 140 workers employed in Marks & Spencer stores across the Dublin area.Mandate trade union, which represents the majority of the 2,300 staff at the stores, earlier stated that they have written to management to serve notice of the strike.Mandate assistant general secretary Gerry Light says that the decision to close the pension fund, along with other cost-saving measures are “opportunistic”.“While we fully recognise that some employers in the retail sector are struggling and that Marks & Spencer, like many, are operating with reduced profits, the company have given their workers absolutely no satisfactory proof that the permanent withdrawal of terms and conditions of employment is necessary or justified.”The company closed the defined benefit pension scheme on 31 October. The scheme is performing, with a surplus of €17 million.Cost-cutting measures included a reduction in managers, a reduction in Sunday and public holiday pay and the elimination of the Christmas bonus.Light added that workers feel that the company has “breached the trust” of the staff. He added that the union would discuss the situation but only “without unilateral implementation” of decisions.Our members feel there’s been a fundamental breach of trust by senior management. We’ve been given limited access to the company’s financial accounts and as Marks & Spencer are another multinational company which does not reveal accounts for their Irish business, we and our members are left at a distinct disadvantage whereby we cannot contextualise the viability of the cost saving proposals.The company says they have done all they can to avert the strike.“M&S has done all it can to try and move this situation forward so we are extremely disappointed that the company has been given notice that strike action has been called. We are fully prepared to reopen talks at any time either locally or at the Labour Relations Commission in order to avoid the impact on our customers and employees in the run up to Christmas.”Siptu Organiser, Neil McGowan said:There was  no meaningful discussion with union representatives in relation to the closure of the pension scheme, with management taking the view that the scheme is a ‘discretionary benefit’.The company has failed to provide  satisfactory evidence to support its claims in relation to the pension scheme and cuts to other benefits. These include plans to cut workers’ premiums and Christmas bonus. Additional reporting by Christina Finn Read: No resolution in sight as ESB workers serve strike noticelast_img read more

Dundalk Santas run to try and beat world record

first_imgALMOST 5,000 SANTAS gathered in Dundalk last night to try and beat a Guinness World Record – but they don’t know yet if they have officially succeeded.The Dundalk Charity Santa Fun Run took place in the town centre last night, and is expected to have raised in excess of €100,000 for SOSAD, Men’s Shed, North Louth Hospice, SNAP and Lordship Children’s Respite Centre.Dundalk Chamber of Commerce organised the event along with Louth County Council and local businesses.Jimmy Cumiskey of the Chamber of Commerce management committee told TheJournal.ie that last year around 100 people took part in the event, so they were delighted with the huge uptake this year.He said that the Chamber is applying to Guinness World Records to see if the Dundalk event broke the current world record of 4,000 people running while dressed in Santa suits.There were attorneys and a peace commissioner there monitoring the event, said Cumiskey, and more than 4,900 people who were chipped completed the run.Some of the thousands of Santas. Pic: Alan Wilson“I do believe we met all the criteria,” said Cumiskey. “Dundalk was the place to be last night. It was a hive of activity.”The Santas got on their marks at 6.30pm last night, and made their way around the town from the Millennium Building.The event was started by Fr Michael Cusack, a Redemptorist priest. “I never saw so many people so happy in my whole life,” said Cumiskey. “There was a good feel-good factor there.”He said it is anticipated that they will have raised over €100,000 from the festive fun run.Read: Government confirms existence of Santa Claus after TD casts doubt>last_img read more

Great news The OTB lads confirm theyll be back on air soon

first_imgIF LIKE US, you’ve been suffering from withdrawal symptoms since the Off The Ball lads departed Newstalk, we’ve got some great news to report.The five-man team of Eoin McDevitt, Ken Early, Ciaran Murphy, Mark Horgan and Simon Hick shocked fans by leaving the station on March 4 – citing “fundamental differences of opinion” between management and the production team.However, they have confirmed via their Twitter account this afternoon that they will return to the airwaves in the near future.No further details were announced. Read the tweets below:Last night’s MNS: Penalty decisions, Owen Heary and Beverly Hills CopCheltenham Festival: Day 1 — livelast_img read more

Column Insinuating that young people arent bothered with politics is insulting and

first_img“Citizens also have to accept responsibility, you know, we’re not living in a nanny state… You can bring a horse to water but you can’t force it to drink.”Losing trust in our representativesVarious political scandals and our current economic woes have increased levels of mistrust in politicians among young people. This does not mean we are apathetic, however.If anything, the age at which people become politically engaged is decreasing. Many organisations recognise this and are trying to act accordingly. A month ago, the Constitutional Convention recommended the voting age be lowered from 18 years to 16.Ireland is not the only country debating such a move. Last month, proposed legislation that would reduce the voting age in the Scottish independence referendum to 16 years was formally lodged. Proposals to allow 16 and 17-year-olds vote in EU Parliamentary elections are also currently being considered.The National Union of Students – Union of Students in Ireland, which represents over 200,000 students in Northern Ireland, called for a reduction in the voting age across the border.“Grossly unfair” that 16-year-olds cannot voteSpeaking at the group’s annual conference in Fermanagh, NUS-USI President Adrianne Peltz said it was “grossly unfair” that 16-year-olds could pay taxes but not have a say on how this money is spent. “There is so much disenchantment and disengagement with politics and it is crucial that politics and decision-making reconnects with young people. Delivering the vote at 16 is a key way to do this,” Peltz emphasised.The National Youth Council of Ireland backs up this view. The organisation believes that lowering the voting age would promote political participation among young people and ensure youth issues are firmly placed on the country’s political agenda.Unfair judgement on today’s youthThe insinuation that young people just ‘aren’t bothered’ about politics is insulting and false. True, some young people don’t care what their public representatives are up to – that’s if they even know who they are, but the same could be said for any social grouping.Austria and certain states in Germany have reduced the voting age to 16. In these places, voter turnout among 16 and 17-year-olds is equal to older age groups.So to answer that age-old question, do young people care about politics? YES. Our generation has never been more politically aware and engaged. How we choose to involve ourselves may be changing, but we are here – trying to make a difference and have our voices heard.The horse is at the water and it’s thirsty.Órla Ryan is an MA Journalism student in NUI Galway. She is one of 25 citizen journalists covering Ireland’s presidency of the EU Council through Youth Media and the Irish Presidency. This article was first published on  the YMIP blog.Column: Why I should be allowed to vote at 17>Column: Young Irish people are losing their voice and facing forced emigration> “YOU GUYS NEVER protest, if this was France people would be out on the streets in their thousands.” Perhaps my French friend had a point – his country puts us to shame when it comes to a good old-fashioned protest. That said, it’s not as if we don’t pound the pavement when we feel the need.The recent abortion demonstrations (on both sides of the argument) and marches highlighting the third-level grant debacle are two recent examples of young people putting their money where their megaphone is. Our protests may be less frequent than our Gallic counterparts, but perhaps that’s a sign of our cultural differences as much as anything else.Young people have not taken to the streetsActivist and journalist Orla Tinsley recently wrote about the seeming absence of the protest gene in Irish young people, saying: “lack of protest does not mean lack of engagement”. Tinsley said this generation’s “sphere of political action is shifting” and now encompasses work with lobby groups, NGOs and online activism as well as more traditional forms of participation such as involvement in student unions and youth divisions of political parties.As with many issues, a generation gap is also evident. Young people can at times feel politics is a game almost solely played by older, out-of-touch people.This disconnect was accentuated by the SpunOut.ie ‘threesome scandal’. When Fine Gael TD Michelle Mulherin questioned the fact that a website partially funded by the HSE gave information to young people about threesomes, the Minister of Health James Reilly ordered a review of the site. The comments from the website were taken out of context and the ensuing negative publicity could have easily damaged what is an unparalleled resource for young people in terms of their overall health and wellbeing.Having our voices heardSome of our politicians are actively trying to bridge this type of gap. Our president Michael D Higgins attempted just that when he invited Ireland’s youth community to share their opinions as part of the ‘Being Young and Irish 2012’ project.The subsequent report was the result of four regional dialogues and incorporated the views of almost 800 contributors ranging in age from 17-26 years. Concerns regarding political reform and accountability, mental health and suicide, the economy, education and equality (particularly in terms of gay marriage and the gender pay divide) all featured.Initiatives such as this prove that young people want to have their voices heard. It’s also encouraging to see our Head of State take such a proactive role in this regard.Regional dialogues are a major element of the European Year of Citizens and Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU. A recurring shortcoming at such events has been the lack of young people attending.Efforts are being made – but it’s a two-way streetWhen I questioned the Minister for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton about this at the Galway-based dialogue, she said that “every effort is bring made” to get young people interested and partaking.“I think people often feel that events like this are for politicians or professional lobbyists. It’s difficult to attract people to take the discussion from their living room or local pub to an organised structure like this, but we’re trying,” Minister Creighton stressed. She also noted that young people often don’t attend such events as they feel “less connected” to politics than others.Minister Creighton insists it can’t all be one-way traffic, though. She feels the Irish Government and EU are creating an environment for the public to share opinions with politicians and it’s up to them to capitalise on that. She said:last_img read more

500 million to be spent training rebels as US steps up Syria

first_imgTHE WHITE HOUSE has asked lawmakers for $500 million to train and equip vetted Syrian rebels, in what would be a significant escalation of US involvement in a conflict that has spilled into Iraq.Following several signals in recent weeks by President Barack Obama’s administration — and months of pressure from lawmakers like Senator John McCain — the White House said it intends to “ramp up US support to the moderate Syrian opposition.”The request is part of a $1.5 billion Regional Stabilization Initiative to bolster stability in Syrian neighbors Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, and to support communities hosting refugees.In a clear acknowledgement that Syria and Iraq face a common threat, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki earlier “welcomed” strikes by Syria’s air force on the Syrian side of the Al-Qaim border crossing, controlled by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters.The proposed US funding would serve “vetted elements of the Syrian armed opposition to help defend the Syrian people, stabilize areas under opposition control, facilitate the provision of essential services, counter terrorist threats and promote conditions for a negotiated settlement,” the White House said in a statement.But Damascus ally Moscow lashed out at the move, saying “there are better uses for these 500 million dollars.”The Americans “are moving things in their own direction, they keep the fire burning instead of doing something political,” Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin told reporters during a reception at the Russian mission.The proposal was part of the $65.8 billion overseas contingency operations request to Congress for fiscal year 2015, which begins October 1. The bulk of that amount, $58.6 billion, was allocated to the Defense Department.In a separate statement, National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said the funding “would build on the administration’s longstanding efforts to empower the moderate Syrian opposition” and allow the Pentagon to increase its support to vetted armed rebels.- © AFP 2014Read: Boko Haram have abducted another SIXTY women and girls>Read: At least 21 dead in bomb attack on World Cup viewing centre in Nigeria>last_img read more

Both sides remain at loggerheads in Greyhound dispute as minister notes bitterness

first_imgMINISTER RICHARD BRUTON says that he wants to see the Labour Relations Commission step into the dispute between the Greyhound waste collection company and its workers.The dispute has been ongoing for over three weeks with the company replacing workers with temporary agency staff in the interim.The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation acknowledged that the dispute has become increasingly bitter. Both side disagree not only on what past recommendations from the Labour Court mean in practice, but also whether the current dispute constitutes a strike or a lockout.“I know my own agencies are at the disposal of both sides,” the minister said this afternoon. “I would urge both sides to use the services of those agencies. The Labour Relations Commission and the Labour Court have immense experience in solving even the most intractable disputes and they are a service there to be used.”Siptu President Jack O’Connor wrote to the minister yesterday outlining his concerns about how the waste industry has been operating since privatisation. Bruton says he is to consider those concerns in the wake of the current dispute. Source: Laura Hutton/Photocall IrelandOn the wider issue of the sector. The President of Siptu, Jack O’Connor, has written to me and expressed some concerns and what I am now doing is I’m consulting with my own agencies – the Competition Authority, NERA, LRC, the Health and Safety Authority to look at this sector. I have indicated to Jack O’Connor that I’d be happy to meet him to discuss his concerns.“When I receive back those reports I will look at the issues that are raised by those. But this dispute, I hope, can be resolved through using the services of the Labour Court and the LRC,” he added.DisputeBoth sides reiterated their positions today with little sign of an imminent resolution that would see the crews returning to work.The company says that LRC recommendations on cost cutting measures linked productivity with pay rates. They also say that renewed pay scales will mean crews maintain pay that is above the industry average.SIPTU say that it is “completely misleading and false” to say that pay cuts of up to 35% were part of Labour Court proposals. They say that, under the LRC agreements, any changes to pay could be made only after more LRC negotiations and a 15 day notice period. Neither of which were forthcoming say SIPTU.Read: Greyhound: Agency staff are doing a better job than striking workers >Read: Greyhound getting legal advice over alleged abuse of staff during strike >last_img read more

Guinness to launch a blonde lager for US palates

first_imgTASTES FOR DRINKS differ depending on what country you’re in, and it looks like Americans might refer a lighter twist on our treasured Guinness.According to Business Week, a Blonde American Lager is to be launched by Diageo as part of its Discovery series next month.Here’s how it reported the story:In 1988, Guinness launched a product called Guinness Gold, which was discontinued in 1993.In 2011, the brand jumped on the lager train in the US with Black Lager. Source: PA Archive/Press Association ImagesNow follows its blonde cousin – which will be brewed in America using a Guinness yeast from Dublin, says Business Week – but will drinkers want it to be a permanent fixture?The company has seen a decline in its US market share since 2006.With its first ad for the drink being placed in Playboy, it appears Guinness is aiming the drink at a certain demographic.Would you drink a blond lager made by Guinness?Read: ‘Irish pubs need lower prices to survive’: Wetherspoon’s boss gives his take on boozers>last_img read more

Adobe Flash Player and Air updates unofficially confirm imminent release of Android

first_imgWe’ve been hearing a lot of rumors lately that Google intends on releasing Android version 2.3, aka Gingerbread, sometime this week… but a recent update to Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe Air might confirm the fact that Gingerbread will be dropping imminently. If you downloaded the last update to Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe Air, check out the release notes: the description says that the update is dropping specifically to prepare Android devices for the future arrival of a future version of Android OS. The updates to Flash Player and Air are versions and 2.5.1, respectively.If Adobe’s to be believed, they may have just unofficially confirmed that Gingerbread will be dropping sooner rather than later. Given how closely Google has been working with Adobe to make sure that Android plays well with Flash — capability that Android can exclusively boast over the iPhone — we wouldn’t be surprised if Adobe had insider information on the matter.As for Gingerbread, we can’t wait to see it: although most of the improvements in Gingerbread are still unknown, it will be the first Android update to specifically target features that are required for larger display mobile devices like tablets. We’re hoping that Gingerbread will end up making the Samsung Galaxy Tab even better than it already is.Read more at Android Spinlast_img read more